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Vatican Insiders: The Pope is an Undercover Agent Working for Clinton & Soros

Neon Nettle

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A group of high-ranking Catholic Church insiders has blown the whistle on a coup that was orchestrated by Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and then-President Barack Obama to overthrow Pope Benedict and install their own undercover operative - Pope Francis.

The group of Catholic whistleblowers consists of global key figures say they have evidence to expose the conspiracy designed to occupy one of the most influential roles in the world with "one of their own" operatives

. According to the insiders, Pope Francis has been installed to push New World Order policies such as open borders and "global warming" by convincing his army of loyal followers that it's the "will of God"

Pope Francis has been an advocate of a single world government and has been a very public critic of Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the US from Paris Climate Agreement after branding climate change a "hoax". He has also made no secret of his disdain for Trump, yet always shown keen support for the Obama Administration.


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