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INTERVIEW: Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp sounds off on the shadow government, exotic space weapons and covert budgets

Mike Adams

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Today we bring you a hard-hitting interview with former CIA officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp (

Kevin Shipp is a high-IQ individual with decades of experience in the intelligence community. When he tried to warn the CIA about a hacking vulnerability that exposed records of CIA agents to foreign enemies, he was silenced and threatened. In blowing the whistle on the CIA, he lost his pension but found new strength in his Christian beliefs and patriotism for our constitutional republic.

In this interview, I ask Shipp about the threats against his life, the existence of the shadow government, the corruption of the FBI and many other topics. We even cover exotic space weapons and covert budgets that allow the intelligence community to hide trillions of dollars in off-the-books money.

Watch and share the full interview below.

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