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VEIL OF INVISIBILITY (True History of Tesla)

Alexander Putney

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"Tesla declared efforts had been made to steal the invention. His room had been entered and his papers examined but the thieves, or spies, left empty-handed. There was no danger, he said, that his invention could be stolen for he had at no time committed any part of it to paper. He could trust his memory to preserve every fine detail of his investigations. This was true, he said, of all of his major discoveries. The nature of his system makes little difference now; he has gone and has taken it with him... until the human race produces another Tesla."

 - unpublished material from 'Prodigal Genius'


Tesla's financial and legal interests were managed by George Scherf Sr., whose administrative work included bookkeeping, legal filing for patents and ex- tensive litigation regarding patent infringement cases. The indolent thefts of George Scherf Jr. in Tesla's lab earned him the nickname 'Curious George', but were, in fact, the acts of a Nazi child spy executing Hitler's orders. In a series of deathbed confessions in 1995, Hitler's personal bodyguard and CIA co-founder Otto Skorzeny exposed dark truths about his lifelong partnership with fellow Nazi espionage agents George Scherf Sr. and 'Curious' George Scherf Jr.

Skorzeny recounted the details of his suffocation of Nikola Tesla on January 6, 1943 as the fulfillment of Hitler's orders, with the help of Reinhardt Gehlen and George Scherf Jr. after the theft of secret aerospace technologies developed by Tesla, including HHO plasma invisibility cloaking and infrasonic levitation design specs which later became integrated as stealth technology in the US. Skorzeny asserted that Scherf Jr. assumed the false American alias 'George H. W. Bush' while Scherf Sr. took on the false alias of 'Prescott S. Bush', and provided detailed information regarding their founding of the US Office of Strategic Services for the secret transference of Nazi mind-control and aerospace technology to America.


Cognitions gained during the life's experiences of Nikola Tesla inform Alex Putney's quantum resonance maps, which apply the principles of standing wave physics to expose US stealth planes and CIA surveillance drones as applications of Tesla's secret designs, now deployed from Nazi/CIA underground facilities hidden in National Parks throughout the US. Furthermore, Alex's research continues Tesla's efforts toward resolution of the present human conflict of psychopathy in politics and the resulting misappropriation of science.


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Veil of Invisibility

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