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David Hinkson---Message from Prison

David Hinkson

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The late Douglas Noland was Navajo, and he grew up in Arizona.  Note that the BLM let us win by just dropping out of the legal argument and bringing Coffee and Donuts to meet with the people they were harassing with there phony legal process.

   After we won our legal argument against the BLM, while I was over at Doug's home, he tossed me what looked like a big lead Button.  I said where did you get this Lead?  He then said: "Boy, that isn't Lead, rub it on the paper".  I rubbed it on a white piece of paper on his table, and it left no mark.  He said this Platinum came off of the Claims that you just saved.  He went on to tell me that the assay had showed that there was around 3,000 ounces of Platinum on most of the entire 2,000 acres of claims.  This is truly the Mother Load of Platinum.  There is in fact enough Platinum out there on these claims to de-bunk the Global price of Platinum and back the worthless U.S. Fiat Money Supply.  Maybe this would slow down the New World Order.

   During one of my talk shows on the WWCR, I had interview a man named David Hudson, who claimed that his leach mining operation had collected some very strange White Powder, that was really Mono Atomic Gold.  I had Doug listen to the recording of the radio interview, and he said; "Look in here," and he took the lid off of a fifty five gallon barrel, that was full of this White Gold.  He told me that he thought it was gold as, it had acted like Gold and had gummed up his leach mining filters.  He also told me that he was able to make regular Gold into this White Powder, but had never been able to turn this White Powder into anything that looked like a metal.  So, he then spent the next six months working full time on this project.  I helped when I could, and I think he did over 200 different tests.  Finally he figured out how to turn this Mono Atomic White Gold into real yellow gold.  Then I realized that Lava on the Hawaiian Islands, tests as having no gold in it at all, yet I know that Gold is very heavy and using logic you would think that there would be a lot of Gold in Lava.  After doing an assay test and processing the White Mono Atomic Gold Powder from some Lava samples we determined that the overage amount of Gold in Lava in the form of this White Powder, was about 3,000 ounces per square yard.  I find it very interesting that this is the same amount of regular Platinum that he had found on his Platinum Mining Claims.

  In Hudson's Lecture, he made a lot of interesting comments about this Mono Atomic Gold.  He said for instance that if you consumed it you would get wiser, and he further called it the philosophers Stone.  He claimed it surrounded the mummy on the floor in the Egyptian Tombs and was swept up as worthless dust.  I later found out that Johnson and Mathey always lost about 2% of the Gold they processed and they throw this White Dust away.  I have now personally taken real yellow Gold and converted into this White Powder, and I have also helped Doug turn this White Powder Gold back into real Yellow Gold.  This probably means that I'm now the only man alive that knows how to do this process, and who also where these mining claims are located out in the Nevada Desert.

  So I called up my Lawyer friend named Scott Cantor from prison about six months ago.  Scott was Grazadie's Junior partner at the Law Firm of Grazadie and Cantor, and I asked Scott Cantor if he remember Doug, and the Platinum Claims.  He said yes, I've held bars of this Platinum, but I don't know where these claims are located.  Scott has agreed to verify that Mr. Noland really had these claims.

  Back in 1993 as I was doing my talk show, I actually invented the GALT Motor; and the STIWAD (Static Time Internal Warp Drive) and the Electric Jet Engine.  I got the GALT Motor to actually spin a shaft and I got the STIWAD to actually levitate (see

  George Mitzel passed away and before he died he had deeded me most of the Valley Wells Ranch.  We never did get it back.  I finally gave up and moved my WaterOz factory to Idaho and left the Las Vegas area.  George Grazadie also passed away.

ABOUT WATEROZ:  I started WaterOz for the sole purpose of being able to pay for my air time, so that I could do my talk show; as it cost about $10,000 per month just to be on the WWCR.  In the beginning I tried to make the minerals in the same way that others were making them, using electricity; and then I learned that using electricity makes the mineral into a toxic heavy metal brew.  Therefore, I now would speak against any mineral that is made this way.  Note, that some radio shows like Alex Jone's are now promoting Silver Water that is made using Electricity and this is Heavy Metals and is called Colloidal Silver.  I went on to pioneer a new way of reducing these minerals in such a way to make them clear and pre digested and there were no Nitrates in any of them.  I learned that Nitrate levels in minerals makes them toxic (see Erin Brockovich).  I would now like to be able to help you fund your show and air time with mineral products that really work.

  I learned many things, for example Silver stains and does not cross the Blood Brain Barrier, and is best used to be inhaled with a Nuebulizer to remove T.C., or a person should only use it cosmetically; Silver does not kill any Parasites only Viruses.

  I also learned that Copper could be made into a non toxic drink, and this Copper product could cross the Brain and Spinal Fluid Barriers, as it can travel everywhere throughout the entire body system where moisture is found.  Now if enough Copper is consumed (8 ounces at 300 PPM), a person can find that T.B., Hep C, Aids, Malaria, River Blindness and even the Brain Eating Ameba will be removed fast (note there is currently no treatment for the Brain Eating Ameba).  In fact Copper not only kills every Viruses known to man but it also kills every Parasite known to man also.  Then I learned that the Copper water fixes the Livers ability to digest proteins.  One woman who drank some of the Copper that had Sickle Cell lost the condition.  Scott Cantor was diagnosed with Lymphoma and it disappeared after consuming the Copper Product.  It is my opinion that right now that consuming a non toxic Copper solution will  takes care of more health problems that anything else that I have ever heard about.  Yet if Copper is made Wrong it is a total poison.  I have now consumed over one Gallon of Copper Water at 300 PPM's over a three day time period of time, with no negative effects.  We also did some testing on Indium.  Indium seems to balance the Pituitary Gland and as everything in the body is controlled by hormones the Indium seems to put everything back into balance.  For example if you consume 2 ounces of Indium at 100 PPM, you will feel happiness overtake you to the point where you might think that you have just finished drinking a glass of red wine.  One over weight lady who started consuming the Indium found that she could go for five days and not eat any food, and at the same time not be hungry or dizzy as she just burned off her fat.  This made losing weight super easy.  So, I know that if we could send out free samples of this Indium Product and they consume it they will demand more instantly.

  I also manufactured thousands of low cost Ozone Machines.  I made the only Ozone Machine that would do both water and air, and I discovered if you Ozonated your drinking water it would become a super Anti- oxidant.  I leaned that Zinc made correctly could be consumed at high levels and would stop all pathogens from replicating.  Calcium made correctly (not as a calcium carbonate) can actually absorb the Acidic Crystalline Nuero Toxins that actually cause Flu Symptoms.

  So in summary here I was able to remove the common Cold and even the symptoms in about two hours using my minerals.

  So in 2000, after I graduated and got a degree in Naturapathe, I traveled overseas and worked with some doctors who where working for the Doctors Without Boards and we did some clinical studies.   My last lecture was given in Xharcove Ukraine in November of 2002.  I was arrested when I got off of the plane and then spent the next two years in the Boise Jail.  While in this Jail the rat Swisher sued me and tried to seize my WaterOz business; and then lost this lawsuit, he then came to court and said I was hiring him to be a hit man because he was Rambo and he had murdered for his country (note he used the word murder for real).  I was then given a 43 year sentence for hiring this man to be a hit man to kill Judge Lodge (Lodge is the Judge that did Ruby Ridge and had Congressman Hansen Diesel Therapy).

  I went on trial in Boise Idaho.  I'm not from Boise and I never even knew who Judge Lodge was.  Note that there is no evidence in my case period except my honest word against his lies.  I was given a sentence of death by time to stop me from continuing my work.  One of the Jurors was Judge Lodges wife's brother and one of the Juror (Claudia Haynes) was the Lodges wife's campaign manager when she ran for the state senate.  I have now been a political prisoner for 16 years.  Every time I file a motion they wrongfully rule against me and the constitution.  They are in my opinion Godless demigods (Richard Tallman).

   Now, I have finished drafting many pictures of my seven energy devices, I have been able to actually get the real GALT Motor actually working on the bench.  So, now goo to Y Tube, and type in "GALTgenerator" and the fourth pic down is our newest drawing.  Note it show plainly shows that we are violating the Law of Lenz.  Note that the GALT is actually an A.C. Magneto that has been merged into the Transformer to make a whole new electrical concept.  We also have the H Transformer now working on the bench also.

   My mission statement is to help people lower the cost of their energy bills by 50% and maybe help them co generate A.C. Energy, to actually feed the grid.  Therefore, of the listeners who donate a small amount to our Crowd Funding Website can get a voucher that will promise them a free Hinkson Coil to be installed at the property of there choice; and anyone who gets a Hinkson Transformer will further qualify to have their real property no longer pay any property taxes for 10 years (see the  I want to help to fund political prisoners defense and pay for an organization to lobby for the wrongfully incarcerated; I want to help fund your talk show on going, from these monthy amounts collected from your listeners.  I had the idea of having a talk show promote a small crowd funding project to get started and then we would use the money to build some of my energy devices.  Then I want to take these funded energy devices and place them for free with the people who donated the small amount for us to get started.  In doing business this way, each customer/listener would get a free HinksonTransformer installed at the property of their choice and they would be able to drop their monthly power bill by at least 50% and we will be able to collect monthly energy money from each of them as their properties will now all qualify for a Platinum Certificate. (see U.S. Green  We will then use this monthly money to expand, by placing millions of these energy devices all over the country using co generation contracts, as we then will be able to seize the Global Warming Movement and agenda and turn it into a new mission for God and good.       We need to now be able to gather up energy funds while helping people lower their overall power costs by at least 50% and we can use these funds to expand our operations rapidly.

   I also would like to offer free samples of the Copper Water to all of your listeners so that they can test the product out for themselves; as every person should have some of this product in storage for when the next flu season starts.  Once a person has the Copper Water in storage they no longer need to get vaccinated for the flu.  I don't trust the medical profession with these vaccinations/inoculations.  We can also offer free samples of other products that are very interesting, like the Indium (#49 on periodic table).  Then once the customer base places orders for these products, we are willing to give a permanent percentage to your show under advertising.  But in all reality we don't need to advertise as this is not necessary.  I used to have people on my show that would talk about what the product did for them, and that was enough to get the next round of free samples sent out.

   I would also like to offer these mineral products and the crowd funding project to some of the other radio hosts that are doing a good show.  Overall I have 19 minerals to talk about and each one of them has a different story.

  I overall want to help everybody that I can.  I'm now motivated by only wanting to help others.

Blessings on you.  Your friend Dave