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Educated guess: V.W. proved that "emission controls" are more about destroying fuel economy than anything else

Jim Stone

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Sept. 22, 2015

Volkswagen has the most fuel efficient cars on the road. Pound for pound, they get better fuel economy than all others, including an up to 300 mpg diesel not available in America. And after years and years of them being on the road, and no one noticing anything at all wrong with the emissions, Volkswagen got busted for programming certain parts of the emission control systems to turn off at all times other than when the cars were in for emission tests.

Why would Volkswagen do this? The answer is obvious - ALL American cars are programmed to waste fuel on purpose, to heat up the catalytic converters so less carbon monoxide is produced (after the catalytic converter burns it off) and as it turns out, a LOT of fuel is wasted this way, many many miles per gallon worth. A car that runs too clean won't heat the catalytic converter up enough for it to function. Having a catalytic converter is all just a corruption enforced arbitrary rule when clean emissions can be accomplished the correct way in any computer controlled car - by burning the fuel perfectly to begin with. Volkswagen basically "broke the law" by producing cars so efficient a catalytic converter was not needed, and they shut off the fuel wasting process that heats the catalytic converter up enough for it to work. No one noticed any stink, because the cars did not make any stink to begin with, and the benefit was much higher fuel economy than any other equivalent cars on the road.

So my question is, why would a corrupted government mandate cars have fuel wasting catalytic converters added to them that produce more CO2 while delivering less mileage, when carbon dioxide is the real threat they are all talking about and no excess carbon monoxide is produced by clean burning Volkswagens anyway, even without the converter? OBVIOUS ANSWER: Global warming is a HOAX, they all know it, but they are confident they can keep the people stupid, while circumventing all possibility of high fuel economy cars being made simply because they have mandated an intentional waste of fuel. This is an intentional waste which in some cases is so extreme it cuts fuel economy in half in even vehicles that were inefficient compared to VW to begin with all the while the mandated "stupidity" creates TONS of carbon dioxide, and they are doing it for a reason: THE CARBON TAX.

They make everyone feel guilty for destroying the planet and then activate their guilt trip control grid. "Guilt" is a powerful mind control weapon, and climate scamsters have milked it to the max. If this was not the case, and there was a real "carbon threat", the 300 mpg Volkswagen XL1 would be the only type of car on the road, perfectly viable transit at an official 261 mpg but well known by owners to be over 300. If emission controls on cars were not all a fuel wasting scam, fuel economy could be increased by 10x overall with ease. Don't expect to see it when Volkswagen gets punished already for creatively circumventing elite climate scamming corruption and getting 85 mpg out of large station wagons by just turning the fuel waster off. And that's diesel, which is efficient anyway but what about Volkswagen's SEAT division, which currently has in Mexico a 65 mpg gasoline car that is only slightly smaller than a Cadillac STS? That did not go away. In fact, up until 2015, Volkswagen had a cheap version of the full sized Jetta called the Jetta Clasico that easily accomplished 55 mpg on gasoline with an old school 2.0 litre engine that delivered a fair amount of spunk.

"FUEL ECONOMY" IS ALL A HOAX FOLKS, even the full sized 4 door Chevy Impala could be pushed to 58 mpg by just replacing the air box intake temperature sensor with a resistor. And that still passed emissions with all software engaged. Yep, Volkswagen is getting the shaft for improving their TDI by not following rules. And no one smelled a thing.


My favorite fuel saving idea that would definitely work:

Take any V8 or V6 engine, remove ALL PISTONS, RODS, AND CAM SHAFTS FROM ONE SIDE OF THE ENGINE. Take them completely out. Leave the valve springs in place on that side of the engine, to separate the disabled section of the engine from the exhaust and intake. You will still get enough horsepower to drive on 4 or 3 cylinders and might not notice anything amiss at all because the working half of the engine won't have to drag the disabled half if no pistons are there and no valves have to be moved. If you can't get the camshafts out and have a working engine, leave them in and take the rocker arms out. That way the valves will all just be closed even while the camshafts spin like normal, producing almost no drag.

You can't just pull the spark plug wires off of half the engine and have it work, because the working half will have to drag non functional pistons and valves on the not working half, and the not working half will still suck fuel anyway. You actually have to remove the pistons and disable the valve train entirely. You will get a perfectly working engine, at exactly half horsepower and slightly less than twice the fuel economy.

I'd actually like to buy an old worn out clunking smoking monster where I could easily see that all the problems were on one half of the engine, and then just take that half out, like I said above. Great way to get a perfectly useful near freebie. But it won't pass emissions even if they are perfectly clean, law mandates you HAVE TO have ALL cylinders firing perfect or it won't pass, even if it does. That's corruption for you, where evil and stopping people from doing the right thing and making lives miserable for profit is the ONLY motive.