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FULFORD: Many Japanese Inventors Murdered by the US, Japanese Industrialist Claims

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Many Japanese inventors murdered by the US, Japanese industrialist claims

A famous Japanese industrialist, who requested anonymity, says that many Japanese inventors were murdered by the US secret government in the post-war years. “There were several times when I invested in a project only to end up with the factory destroyed and the inventor murdered. Among the post-war Japanese inventions that were suppressed were cars that run on water, desk top fusion and anti-gravity devices, he says.

His testimony was supported by a Japanese veteran who worked on secret weapons projects during world war two. Shortly before his death early this year he told me that in 1942 the Germans built a flying saucer testing and production facility in Japan. He said that at first they were scared of riding them so they put dogs in before humans began to ride them. The entire facility was dismantled and taken to the US after World War 2, he claims.

Meanwhile, Japanese industrialists are preparing for the simultaneous development and mass production of suppressed technologies. The illuminati will no longer be allowed to hold back human progress for the sake of control.