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Free energy for the Golden Age of Aquarius

Alcuin Bramerton

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 Free energy for the Golden Age of Aquarius


 Alcuin Bramerton


 Clean, free energy is universal, abundant and accessible. Fuel is unnecessary. Turbines are unnecessary. Machines are unnecessary.


 Electricity is not generated; electricity is captured, used, and then dissipated cleanly and naturally.


 One of the components of electricity is photons (light particles). Jade crystal light technologies beckon.


 Energy converters that innovatively manipulate magnetic fields to capture electricity are on the way.


 Crystal converters which transmute background universal energy into electricity without using moving parts or batteries are coming.


 Solid-state devices in which electronic circuitry and associated materials resonate with cosmic background energy are arriving. They are not machines; they have no moving parts to wear out.

 Sonofusion devices are being perfected which use sound frequencies to create tiny bubbles that implode and release an excess of easily utilisable energy.


 Vortex technologies are being investigated which work with, rather than against, natural flows and motions.


 Water-as-fuel inventions which resonate water molecules, with hydrogen released super-efficiently at the point of use to provide power, are being developed.


 New breakthroughs in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (cold fusion) are startling scientists with their extraordinary energy-release potential.