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The Mark of the Beast is 666 ~ Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont & Syngenta

Tracy Turner

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July 29, 2012

Access to clean fresh water and plants for food, fiber and medicine could easily be argued in a court of law as the first inalienable rights of humankind. No large Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal-Monsanto back then came along with a piece of paper stating all currant berries, all Sapote fruit trees, and all bamboo had a patent on it.


US FDA Infected by Monsanto by

Imagine that you travel back in time to the Stone Age. You are walking down a river valley hunting for food and you have had no luck in your quest for meat. You see a woman with an animal skin bag slung by a strap over her shoulder; as she climbs the bank from the river, small drops of water fall from her skin-bag. She pours out the water onto the roots of a large berry bush covered with ripe red-berries, the soil is burmed so all the water goes into the berry bush roots. Even though it is early Stone Age, the first agriculturist is becoming skilled at collecting and growing food and medicine. Bringing the food-plant and water to the cave is more calorically advantageous than walking 15 miles for a few berries. In the fall, the woman and her mate dig up a fruit tree, wash the soil off of the roots in the river to lessen the trees weight, drag the tree home and re-bury the root system just before the rains come. Ancient Horticulture, Botany and Arboriculture are born.

Halfway around the world similar scenes are with food and medicine being grown in a planned, organized fashion, but with a strange twist. There are no caves, but there are bamboo and palm leaves. By experimentation, trial and error, waterproof lean-tos become a place to eat and sleep during monsoonal rains, a warm dry shelter at night.

All of the scenarios above were the original organic gardeners. Little permanent damage was being done to the Earth and its very complex ecosystems.

Access to clean fresh water and plants for food, fiber and medicine could easily be argued in a court of law as the first inalienable rights of humankind. No large Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal-Monsanto back then came along with a piece of paper stating all currant berries, all Sapote fruit trees, and all bamboo had a patent on it.

Monsanto, BASF, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences LLC, DuPont & Syngenta beg to differ with the right to collect and grow food, unimpeded. While they sometimes complain about one another's business ethics, all are interested in global monopolies on food, forests, medicine and animal feed. Both the advertising departments and the public relations (in house or outside contractors) use the words green, eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable often. A judge recently laughed at and ridiculed farmer's rights to collect and grow food without man-made impediments:

Words such as desertification, ocean acidification are avoided; if those words do come up the subject is quickly changed and old press releases of bull-pukey awards and honors are pointed out. The chemical industries have an extremely powerful, high-dollar lobby and friends in high places. Monsanto and Hillary Clinton is the most recognizable example.

Although slightly off-topic, there are 147 corporations that pretty much rule the planet. The biggest complaint against Monsanto, BASF, et al is that they could easily end up patenting and owning all food on the planet and charging any price for your right to eat. As far out as this sounds, the more one understands plants, botany, horticulture and plant breeding (and patent law) the less this is science fiction and the more it becomes science fact. But there's a very, very strange twist. Remember years ago how they cloned a sheep? It was not born; they grew a sheep in a test-tube? Well, all six of these Agricultural Biotech companies clones plants * and * does genetic splicing, aka gene manipulation, aka genetic engineering aka Dr. Frankenplant.

Here's where it gets even weirder: the unintended consequences is plant AIDS, (yes, these companies have created their own version of AIDS for * food * crops. Do you see the possibilities? This is but one of the 7 Plagues. If there truly are 7 Plagues that will harm most of the planet, at least 3-dozen of them will come from these six biotechs. The others will be man-made by Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Gas, the banks, etc., the other 147 corporations that pretty much rule the planet. Learn about Monsanto plant AIDS here.

Absolutely hate calling the big biotechs, the big pesticide companies and the big chemical fertilizer outfits "agricultural"; mentally think of them as anti-agricultural. It is impossible to express all of the reasons why; the scope of this article is a tiny mini-course. OSGATA vs. Monsanto is one of the most important cases in US history, which is why Fox, MSNBC and CNN won't run it even at 3:00 am. and will bring you up to speed on how all six Biotech companies are ruining the organic farming movement. It is so much more than what you put on your dinner table. The organic farmers are trying to preserve all of the Earth's food in a manner not polluted with man-made plant genes that cause plant aids, super-insects, super-diseases and plants with polluted genes that mutate.

It gets worse. Pregnant women and their baby's are turning up with a genetically engineered poison designed by Monsanto. The poison in Monsanto's crops is finding its way into the organic farmers crops; when it does, Monsanto sues them for patent infringement. It reads like a b-movie script, but the Federal Government is Monsanto The Federal Government is also Monsanto and friends; Biotech firms literally staff the Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration with their own. Obama, like Bush is surrounded by lobbyists, by his own choice.

There are also the Super Weeds and Agent Orange Corn

Then there is the Super Bugs

There is also the "foods of the bio-gods": Roundup-ready Corn, Soybeans, Alfalfa, Canola and Cotton. Just try to avoid eating or wearing any, even if you do manage to avoid all these, BASF Amflora (aka EH92-527-1) potatoes and many other GMO's will find their way into your kitchen and the restaraunts where you eat. If not, Dekalb Corn, Asgrow Soybeans, Sorghum or Alfalfa will find its way into your diet. All have one or multiple gene splices" similar to Showa Denko tryptophan.

The genetically modified bacteria that Monsanto put into your stomach, you read correctly, the digestive bacteria in your stomach has Monsanto Roundup Ready patented genes manufacturing Bacillus thuringensis toxin You probably have genetically engineered DNA strands inside your guts from the food you eat. You may be allergic to the insecticide toxin those DNA fragments are manufacturing inside your body. There is no detox, once Monsanto GMO corn, barley, soy, canola oil, etc. infects the digestive bacteria in your intestines with BT DNA, you are stuck with some man-made DNA in your body for life; those DNA strands will put some insecticide into your body for life. If you are a pregnant woman, your unborn baby will be affected by Monsanto's very bad b-movie human experiment.

After Monsanto's genetically modified corn pollen blows as far as 15 miles in the wind and infects some poor organic corn farmers field, Monsanto will send its gene police by to see if the organic corn tests positive for Monsanto patented genes. If they find their contamination in the organic corn, they will file a suit for tariffs owed and for punitive damages. It is beyond greed, they strive to put their competition out of business and have a monopoly on all food.

Digressing briefly back to our imagined Stone Age farmers, the Earth's soil was teeming with beneficial fungi, mycelium fungus (good fungus), mycorrhizae fungus, with its mycorrhizael hyphae that can grow into microscopic cracks in rock that a plant root hair cannot grow into. All plants in nature have symbiotic relationships with a living soil matrix full of fungi, bacteria, worms, compost mites, dung beetles, dead leaves, pine needles, twigs, rotten tree logs, etc. which all work together to produce a highly disease resistant, insect resistant plant. The original Stone Age farmers were primitive with no tractor and plow. Therefore they engaged in non-destructive organic gardening. Their plants and plantings resembled nature and relied on natural soil flora for support. The Earth could have been farmed in this manner for eternity without having a 1930's US dustbowl.

Diametrically opposed opposite here: Monsanto BASF et al create GMO food crops which are pesticide junkies, 100% addicted to weed killer, insecticide and fungicide. The genetic modifications can be one or multiple gene splices, i.e., one algae-gene splice in Monsanto barley to make the barley resistant to Monsanto Round-Up herbicide, another Bacillus thuringensis (Bacteria DNA) gene splice to make the barley produce its own insecticide while it grows. What is Charles Darwin famous for? Evolution, every time Monsanto BASF et al and a host of other companies makes one new fungicide, the diseases adapt, evolve and become Super-diseases resistant to that brand of fungicide. Corn Rust becomes Super Rust for Corn, eventually 100% resistant to said brand of fungicide.

Farmers who buy GMO crop seed, a bathroom sized locker full of pesticides and a large barn full of 80 pound bags of chemical fertilizer are raising heroin junkie plants and you are eating those heroin junkie plants and you are having some form of health issues: allergies, asthma, bronchitis, heart-burn, excessive gas, frequent colds and flu, migraines, etc.

There is an excellent Greenpeace France article on BASF's GMO potatoes here. There is an additional article out of Brussels here. The European Union has the same conflicts of interest, corporate will exerted as cash and lobbying, etc. as the US. This article is from back in 2009 but well worth reading

On 11 April 2012, the US EPA flatly denied a petition by the National Resources Defense Council to outlaw 2,4-D herbicide (Agent Orange). 2,4-D herbicide is found in more than 600 weed killers that are common to home weed 'n' feed lawn products, golf courses, cow and horse pastures, fruit and nut orchards and groves, sugar cane, rice, corn, wheat, soybeans and potatoes. The NRDC petition included an extremely large, well-documented amount of scientific data proving the dangers to both human and wildlife health. The EPA flatly denied that there was any health risk whatsoever. Dow AgroSciences (USA), Nufarm, Ltd. (Australia) and Agro-Gor Corporation (USA & ARGENTINA) manufacture 2,4-D. The EPA has known about the adverse health effects of 2,4-D since the Viet Nam War and even before Viet Nam.

DuPont is as monstrous, reckless, cavalier and careless with the environment as the other five giant "biotech" companies. The term bio is used carelessly and often to imply environmental. DuPont was granted permission to release its new herbicide Imprellis to the public for public usage. People using Imprellis to kills lawn weeds are having their 100-year-old White Pines die. All six "Biotech" giants claim high-tech agriculture works like magic; there is far more evidence that low-tech, low-environmental-impact methods work best. No till farming, feeding the soil rather than feeding the monocrop, using crop rotation, interplanting multiple species of crops, the list of proven methods is very long. Proven methods of sustainable farming do not include Imprellis.

The US Environmental Protection Agency, The US Dept. of Health and Human Services and the US Dept. of Agriculture are full of well-paid, inept-careerists rubber stamps. 94% of all well water in America is polluted with the weed killer Atrazine and all any of the three agencies can do is "study how much Atrazine is a health risk". Most wells are at three times the EPA "safe" level, not one person in government can recommend to Congress a law banning Atrazine.

Atrazine is a common farm, golf course and home-landscape herbicide that has endocrine disruptor activity, interferes with reproduction and child development and may cause cancer. The same year (2003) that the US EPA approved continued Atrazine use in the US; the European Union outlawed Atrazine use. Syngenta, the manufacturer of Atrazine, used flawed scientific data to convince the EPA to allow continued use of Atrazine and Syngenta representatives have and continue to meet with EPA officials to negotiate behind closed door for Atrazine's continued usage. These Syngenta-EPA-Atrazine secret negotiations content and findings continue to be kept secret from the public, in spite of EPA and USDA laws that require public openness.

In 2011, Swiss-based Syngenta reported doubling its profits over 2010, with Atrazine sales in the US of its European-outlawed herbicide being a strong performer. There has been and continues to be a mountain of scientific data on Atrazine's harm to human health, pollution of wells and groundwater, pollution of aquatic ecosystems and pollution of farmland soil. The EPA promised in 2009 to re-review their previous decision to allow Atrazine usage in the US, as of July 28, 2012 that review is still pending. The US EPA, FDA and Health and Human Services departments under both Bush and Obama are hugely staffed with former chemical-company and biotech (Monsanto, Syngenta, etc.) insiders.

There is an excellent Aqua Farming article in the UK Guardian on fish farming as a lower environmental impact way to feed meat to the world. In order for fish farming to work and the meat to be fit for human consumption, the water for the fish needs to be free of Atrazine. 94% of the water in the US has Atrazine in it. The Bush and Obama administrations stuffed all the regulatory agencies in the US full of polluter-industries staff, including those from the oil industry. Those who engage in the practice of Mariculture are deeply threatened by oil spills. It takes clean, unpolluted seawater to raise fish, shellfish, seaweed and kelp successfully. The Bush/Obama "everything" energy policies are violating all of our previous clean water and ocean fisheries laws. When land freshwater and ocean saltwater become polluted, the fish either die or carry pollutant chemicals within their flesh. If fish are raised in water polluted with even a tiny amount of Atrazine, eating those fish will pollute us with Atrazine. Why is the public excluded from EPA hearings on Atrazine?

Showa Denko -- Proof that GMO, Genetically Modified Organism is dangerous, that Genetic Engineering has consequences being hidden from the public by both government and industry:

From the Stone Age to modern times, two types of Darwinism, or natural selection plant breeding have occurred. Animals such as Parrots have selected the largest, sweetest, darkest red Aztec Cherries from the top of the Prunus salicifolia tree as their meal; these same Parrots then fly to another location where they defecate the very best seeds from the gene pool. The smaller, sourer fruit at the bottom of the tree with inferior seeds falls into the shade where it germinates and dies from lack of sunlight. The larger, sweeter fruit seeds, fertilized by Parrot guano, germinate in an ideal location where the larger, sweeter fruit will attract more Parrots, to naturally breed a genetically superior fruit tree.

Our imaginary Stone Age people did the same thing, they collected the bigger fruit, the larger squash or beans and moved them to their cave or bamboo lean-to. Over time, the quality of the fruits and vegetables became superior to the initial primitive foods.

In modern times, horticulturists and botanists have taken the science of plant breeding to new levels; people like Carl Linnaeus, Luther Burbank or George Washington Carver either created new improved plants and/or found new uses for plants via research. In the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, companies such as W. Atlee Burpee took male pollen from plant A and impregnated the female ovary of plant B to produce new seed varieties, i.e., sweeter corn, larger better-tasting tomatoes, longer stemmed cutting flowers with larger, more vibrantly colored flower heads, etc. The Genetic Engineering of Monsanto, BASF, et al is not even remotely the same as the 100,000 previous years of man and animal plant Darwinism.

Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Organism can, for example, take Frog DNA and genetically splice it into Corn, Barley, Soy, Canola, Peaches, Broccoli or any other people food and/or animal feed. Monsanto, BASF, et al have so-staffed the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Food and Drug Administration with their own people as to make their industry/government relationship beyond incestuous; there is a revolving door between government and biotech companies where career insiders play musical chairs with industry and government agencies.

Monsanto, BASF, et al make tremendous short-term profits from selling pesticide-junkie GMO food seed, replete with the larger than normal amounts of pesticides and chemical fertilizer required to grow less food. Farmers not only buy said products, they finance them at high interest rates. From the Stone Age until now, farmers saved some of the seeds from what they grew to plant next year. If that do that with Genetically Engineered seed, they owe the manufacturer tariff taxes -- and the GMO crops will infect their neighbors fields, rendering the neighbor into the position of having to pay tariff taxes on infected, ruined crops.

Short term profits for long-term global agony: Desertification - Ocean Acidification -- World Over-Population. There is a mathematical ration that keeps getting worse. In the New Years to July 13, 2012 period that the news media has repeatedly dismissed protestors in the streets as cranks, eccentrics, anarchists, window breakers, etc. -- 40 million new people more than those who died have been added to the Earth's population. We are currently adding 75 million new people to the Earth annually. From New Years to July, 7 million hectares of land has become desertified. That is about 13 million hectares of desertification. Due to erosion, a percentage of that land, much of it former GMO farmland, will erode and wash into the Ocean, causing Ocean Acidification. So the ratio looks something like this, mathematically:

Year 2012: New Humans, new mouths to feed 75 million. Land lost due to Desertification, 13 million hectares.

All plants in nature have symbiotic relationships with a living soil matrix full of fungi, bacteria, worms, compost mites, dung beetles, dead leaves, pine needles, twigs, rotten tree logs, etc. which all work together to produce a highly disease resistant, insect resistant plant. pH acidity of the Ocean equals X, which is complex. X stands for the amount of acidity in the Ocean, whose real number can be either an average of all oceans, or the specific number of the North Atlantic, Black Sea, Adriatic, South Pacific, etc. The pH number keeps going down, which is very, very bad. Part of ocean acidification is soil erosion, Calcium carbonate, part is industrial waste being dumped, part is CO2 greenhouse gas -- smoke and soot from burning diesel in farm tractors plowing, seeding * and * numerous "extra" diesel tractor passes to apply chemical fertilizers and pesticide passes to spray fussy GMO crops that cannot survive without numerous pesticide passes.

The ability of the Earth to feed people is going down due to desertification. Desertification makes global warming worse, not better. Ocean pH, a high number would be too alkaline, extremely low number too acidic for fish, whales, kelp, etc. The number keeps dropping, does desertification and ocean acidification spell mass extinction, humans going the way of the dinosaur?

Bayer-CropScience not only does not care if desertification and ocean acidification are going to destroy humankind with starvation, Bayer-CropScience is going to help you starve so much sooner rather than later. Bayer's "crop-protection" division is hell-bent on making crop-science profits, so they invented Gaucho, Imidacloprid insecticide and it is killing bees. Bayer scientists are not stupid, they know that no bees means no food, no food means mass human starvation. But a paycheck is a paycheck to the most lizard-brained of humans. The paycheck is today, the mass starvation of Earth some distant year in the future. America has lost about 30% of our bees from Gaucho, which is also sold as Bayer homeowner insecticides under various other names, but will always have the active ingredient Imidacloprid on the label. Spray Gaucho on GMO food crops, treat your roses at home with insecticide you bought at Wal-mart Garden Center and bees drop like flies from Colony Collapse Disorder - Imidacloprid. and shed more light on Bayer Gaucho and bees.

The layer of topsoil that our ancestors farmed in takes about 10,000 years time to form one inch of topsoil. That same 10,000-year-old layer of topsoil can be eroded away at a rate of one inch per 10-20 years with poor farming practices. Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta all sell poor farming practices that destroy the natural beneficial flora of the soil. Healthy soil is a living matrix of mycorrhizae, compost, earthworms, compost mites and beetles, beneficial bacteria. GMO Monocropping with chemical fertilizers, weed killers, fungicides, insecticides, miticides and extensive use of diesel-driven plows and disks is the antithesis of healthy soil management. Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta sell soil death, global desertification.

There are some who would proclaim that new technology would fix the destruction done by Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta, that terraforming or some new technology will soon displace GMO/ag-chemical farming. These apologists are not dissimilar to those that point to nitrogen powered cars to dismiss the oil still polluting the Gulf of Mexico, the waters off of Brazil and the North Sea. Somehow in 17 more years, Nitrogen powered cars will put all of those oil spills back into the ground where they came from.

This same erroneous logic will have us all believe that cold fusion technology will clean up the nuclear mess at Fukushima. The technologies, more often than not, have a sinister, evil, polluting downside that there is no invention to deal with now, no money to deal with later. Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta are soil, groundwater and ocean polluters on a vast scale. Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta pollute the human psyche with subterfuge and disinformation. They pollute the world's Organic Farmers with chemical spray drift from crop-duster aircraft and pollen from their GMO monocrops.

Every day, "sewage scows" sail out of New York harbor, get a relatively few miles from shore, and dump the days sewage off of the coast of New York. Our ancient ancestors grew their vegetables and fruit trees in animal manure. There are human cultures that grow their food in human manure; there are sound scientific ways of growing food in human manure that has been aged and steam-treated to prevent harmful bacteria. Instead, New York and many other cities discharge human sewage into the sea. Less than 1% of the US population is now involved in raising food for the US. This disconnect from farming, groves, orchards, greenhouses is what people are referring to as the "green revolution", a "revolution" that has participants like Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta but no participation from 99.x% of the US population. Nobody is going to school majoring in farming, soil science, animal husbandry, greenhouse operations, etc., as it is not Barclay's Bank-lucrative.

All six major "Bio" tech companies are using algae genes, chemical fertilizers and pesticides to manipulate artificial plant growth, to "feed the world" as they put it. There is a dark underbelly they do not want the public to know about, farm soil micronutrient depletion. That big huge, green head of Romaine Lettuce in your refrigerator has no micronutrients in it in a form usable by your body. Even the corn and soy being fed to chickens, cows and pigs is lacking in vital micronutrients required by those animals and by us.

In essence, food farmed in depleted soil provides the nutritional equivalent of a Snicker's bar of vitamins and minerals your body can actually use. This is the bragging right of the six big factory farm biotechs "feeding the World". What would we do without them? Prior to and during World War II, we did just fine without them. Food had more vitamins, more complex sugars; foods like beans had higher amounts of amino acids because the farm-soil was less depleted.

Prior to the rise of the six biggest biotech companies as the alpha and omega of farming, groundbreaking work was done by Dr. Ham Williams in the 1970's and 1980's found methods to grow farm fruits and vegetables using sewage biosolids. Dr. William's methods solved problems of heavy metals like Lead and Cadmium. Others have done similar studies since, the findings show the promise of producing food that does more vitamin and mineral-wise than just take up space in one's stomach. Every day when the New York City Sewage Scows dump raw sewage into the ocean, all the plant macro and micronutrients go to waste; this practice is the antithesis of recycling and organic gardening.

Most of what people eat is grown outside of the US, is not inspected by anyone, not tested by anyone. The FDA, HHS and USDA are too busy placating Monsanto and friends to bother with anything like inspections of imported pork or spinach. Most of us suffer at least one good dose of food poisoning a year, which we attribute to flu and colds.

There is one more link in America's food chain that relates. All of the big oil companies are pitching the Keystone Pipeline, which will run from the Canadian Tar Sands in Athabasca to the Gulf of Mexico. The tar sands oil will go to the world's highest bidder, China via Reagan-era Supertankers. Those tankers will return here with Saudi, Kuwaiti, Nigerian and etc., oil, which will be piped and trucked to farms all over America. Those farms will use that oil in the form of Diesel to plow, plant the crops of the six-big biotech companies, use their pesticides and chemical fertilizers to ruin ground water and depleted the soil. The harvested GMO will be shipped via trucks and trains to your local Wal-Mart. The overhead of moving all that oil around the world to the highest bidder uses oil. Shipping food uses oil. Pesticide spraying a crop four times in one growing season uses diesel in tractors or aviation fuel in aircraft. We have made the poor quality and high pricing of our food oil dependent.

There is something you can do. Shop as organic and small, local farmer as you can. In my area, the stores Trader Joes, Fresh and Easy and Sprouts claim to be avoiding GMO. There are also an increasing amount of farmers markets where you are not buying from ConAgra. Buy certified organic whenever you can" None of this is a perfect, elegant solution, but it does support a family-scale economy that is not off shoring profits. Follow the OSGATA court case carefully.

America and the rest of the world need to adopt a much more organic, sane, sound way to survive; if we do not, we are not going to survive.

The big six pesticide and GM seed companies are both human rights violators and natural born killers, 355,000 people a year die directly from their pesticides alone. They deprive indigenous people and farmers of food, water and a livelihood.

Of the six big death-o-tech companies, Monsanto leads the way in what many believe to be the death-of-us-all technology. Monsanto's genetically engineered genes are famous for polluting the crops and seeds of Organic Farmers. Monsanto has engineered a technology called terminator seed. A for instance is terminator corn, the seeds are sterile and won't grow another crop of corn" The motive is greed, corporate profit.

Poor farmers who end up with Monsanto's terminator genes cannot afford to buy seed every year; the seed they save is sterile. Many purchasers of terminator seed do not realize the trap they have fallen into in 3rd world countries. No farmer can save any seeds from this year's crop to plant next year, because all the seeds are sterile. This kind of genetically engineered characteristic did not occur in nature, it was made in a lab. Terminator seeds have the capacity to get into the corn, sorghum, wheat, barley, beans, etc. of other farmers and eventually render that entire species worldwide sterile; such a plague of epic, Biblical proportions could make food become extinct. Monsanto and the other five GMO-companies are playing with fire and very liable to burn us all. The type of rubber-stamps in government that allow these practices do so out of their own greed, not because the science is sound. The entire US food economy right now is teetering upon Delkab/ Genuity/Monsanto Corn -- which could easily end up with "accidental" terminator genes making that same corn go extinct. It would not mean a bad economy; it would mean massive starvation of millions.

Submitters Bio:

1977 Graduate of Tri-Cities Horticultural Trade School with over 6,000 hours of instruction and study of Horticulture, Botany and Arboriculture. Formerly licensed pesticide applicator and Sierra Club member. Several years into a professional landscape career, my maternal grandmother informed me her father was a botanist who owned a rare seed and bulb business in four states near the Great Lakes. My grandma Beulah did a lot of logistical support work with scientists from National Geographic, Audubon and the Sierra Club. Both my mother and Beulah grew lush gardens at home, where I learned Latin plant names without even realizing it was botany. I also learned master mechanics and much about the petroleum industry from both my father and his' father Claude. Both men died young with severe health ailments from years of petrol-chemical exposure. Prior to his career at Atlantic Richfield, he and Grandma Turner had farmed in Indiana. My Dad's mother grew flowers and vegetables, made her own roses from cuttings, etc. My own career included much time in large family owned nurseries and owning my own landscape business many years. During the dot-com bubble, I worked in IT and took a lot of Computer Science courses. When I started missing my ecology career roots I worked as a plant propagator at a large arboretum where I was in charge of the outdoor scientific collection nursery. The most gratifying work I have ever done was planting five varieties of willow, cottonwood and mule fat cuttings into a riparian waterway -- reforesting a nature habitat damaged by cattle grazing. Turning dry desert into a duck pond is extremely gratifying. To help stop farmland desertification and ocean acidification, find out what these words mean: mycorrhizae hyphae, mycelium, vermiculture, and beneficial soil organisms, topsoil. The top 4 companies that control the top 147 companies who occupy the Earth's governments are destroying the Earth's mycorrhizae hyphae, mycelium, vermiculture, beneficial soil organisms, topsoil. The results are desertification and ocean acidification, aka global warming. There is no debate, there is only 147 companies starting Astroturf think tanks that do not ever talk about empirical science... mycorrhizae hyphae, mycelium, vermiculture, beneficial soil organisms, topsoil -- True sustainability vs Astroturf-sustainability. See olivebiodiesel dot com for more info.