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Comments by Rocky Montana

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Rocky Montana / Feb. 18, 2012

Monsanto Corp. has been attempting to create a seed monopoly in America for years, which if successful, will also create for them a food monopoly.  Does this sound like an evil New World Order goal of controlling the food supply and forced depopulation?  It is.  By monopolizing the seed and food production in America, coupled with the prevention seed and food imports, the World Elite would be in a position to starve the American people and/or poison us with anything they desire; there would be no stopping them. 

Now before you dismiss this dire warning as the ramblings of a delusional mind, I suggest you review what our U.S. Government, under Zionist  control, has been ordered to accomplish by the Committee of 300 in just the past three years.  Remember back to 2009 when the U.S. government attempted to sterilize and/or depopulate the planet by FORCING EVERY MAN, WOMEN AND CHILD to get their so-called "Swine Flu" inoculation made by them, to be administered by them, and absolutely unverifiable as to its content?  Do you remember the shock, the honor, the fear and the outrage that may have coursed through your mind and body upon first hearing of this government mandate?  Look also to what is happening with forced starvation in African countries, and in the past century, the forced starvation of Russian Christians.  Remember that evil must always wear a sign and in this case the sign is FORCE.  Only those who align themselves with evil, the adversary of God and mankind, uses force in order to obtain their goals.  (Our Creator has NEVER and will NEVER use force against His children.  In Creator's free-will universe, He allows His children to experience any way they so desire but always gives them just rules to live by.)  Fortunately, a relatively few people of Earth's population stood up against the U.S. Government, the U.N., and the WHO mandate, and shined the light of truth on their false-flag operation.  Their phony Swine Flu Pandemic was exposed as the hoax it was; the so-called experts behind the mandate were exposed as the liars and charlatans they are; the evil world culling/depopulation plan was forced to shut down in America and across the world.  The plan did not go away, however, it is still quietly and covertly being carried out on a smaller scale against the ignorant masses by U.N. mandate, here and abroad.  It is similar to the Arcade game; "Whack The Mole".  They are shut down in one place and pop up in other places of least resistance.  They have got to get rid of all that surplus vaccine somewhere.  They are now to the point of giving out free flu shots to anyone who is naive enough to extend a bare arm.      

Monsanto has been selected by the World Elite, Committee of 300 to accomplish their goal of the culling of the American "herd" via poisoning and starvation.  Why else would One World Order tool, Bill Gates, buy 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock for his foundation?  He is aware of the plan and is betting on it succeeding and Monsanto stock becoming a lot more valuable.  How has Monsanto managed to dominate the seed market, and how does it intend to create a seed and food monopoly?  Simple, by continuing to execute their business plan of either buying out or forcing out their competitors.  They have, obviously, been quite successful thus far.  "Monsanto’s aggressive patenting practices have monopolized control over seed in ways that deny farmers control over their own harvest, going so far as to sue and bankrupt-farmers for "patent infringement if any non-GM seed farmer ends up with so much as a trace of GM seeds on their farmland".  In truth, Monsanto Corp. created the contamination problem in the first place and, therefore, it should be held responsible for the clean-up of its own contamination, similar to that of Oil giant British Petroleum (BP).  Furthermore, it is only just that Monsanto Corp. should be sued and/or counter-sued by every American farmer adversely affected by the GMO contamination.  This monster, Monsanto Corp., must be stopped in their tracks but it is difficult when their business partner is the U.S. government.  This is crony capitalism and I THOUGHT crony capitalism was illegal and unlawful in this country.  Regardless, the fight against this injustice is like Goliath against David.  But we all know what happened to Goliath, so there is hope.  Further hope is provided by the fact that England, France and Costa Rica has stopped Monsanto from doing business in their countries.  Again, America is playing catch-up.

Because this issue directly relates to not only the individual physical health of each American citizen, but to the collective health of the nation as well, it is vital that all of us educate ourselves on, and become involved in, this latest push to help the nation's legitimate, small, private farmers and seed companies become free from the unjust lawsuits of this GMO beast that is Monsanto Corp.  It is in everyone's best interest to shine the light of truth on Monsanto's evil actions and goal for seed and food monopoly in America.  By just being aware of the problem can help tip the scales toward a victory for the American seed companies, the American farmers, and the American people.  We-the-American-people are getting it together by relearning important lessons of recognizing evil, and uniting in one voice to stop evil in our country wherever it is found.  This is healthy sign for America.  It is a most noble task to partake.  And it is a glorious thing to witness.      


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Rocky Montana