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Creating Creatures: CRISPR Causes Horrific, Unwanted, Unknown Genetic Mutations

Nate Brown

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CRISPR is all the rage of gene editing, and can cause thousands of unwanted mutations claim doctors from Columbia, Stanford, and the University of Iowa who recently published their disturbing findings on the topic.

While trying to minimize the damage of the publication, scientists from all over the globe chimed in to state that the one-page paper published in Nature Methods was unfounded, hadn’t been peer reviewed, and some even called it #Fakenews. However, after overlooking the paper, the consortium of doctors and scientists trying to dismiss the claim, had to walk back their accusations because as it turns out, CRISPR can use thousands of unwanted and unknown genetic mutations.

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Imagine going into the doctor for a vision-restoring treatment and walking out with a life threatening disease. But that’s not all, in the case study published in the Journal, there are approximately 2,000 mutations, those mutations could create something far worse than cancer.

Genetic mutations can be horrific, and now scientists claim to be ready for human trials?

In the abstract of the paper the scientists say:

—- To the Editor:

CRISPR–Cas9 editing shows promise for correcting disease-causing mutations. For example, in a recent study, we used CRISPR-Cas9 for sight restoration in blind rd1 mice by correcting a mutation in the Pde6b gene1. However, concerns persist regarding secondary mutations in regions not targeted by the single guide RNA (sgRNA)2 – See The Paper

In plain English, scientists and doctors edited one gene, and because of that other mutations, unrelated to the original man-made mutation, were caused. This report proves just how dangerous gene editing can be, yet some day this tool, CRISPR CAS9, will be used on humans for treatment?

As we have previously covered, CRISPR CAS9 is already in use on crops and such, but somehow has escaped the GMO label:

CRISPR technology came about in 2015, and is configured to change medicine altogether, but what is CRISPR? “They are segments of prokaryotic DNA containing short repetitions of base sequences. Each repetition is followed by short segments of “spacer DNA” from previous exposures to a bacteriophage virus or plasmid.”

Science wants to hijack our immune systems, by manipulating the CRSIPR and CAS system and injecting CHIMERA RNA. There are two segments involved in their new system; CAS9 and trcrRNA-crRNA chimera. The system will cut the cells genome at the desired location, allowing existing genes to be removed and/or new ones added.

Essentially this allows gene deletion, mutation, and creation. The new system involves the injecting of bacteria. The same system is also used on crops when creating GMO’s. However, the CRISPR system is escaping the GMO label even though it is a system in which gene editing is involved. – Read More

The results, published in the journal, Nature Methods, was taken from a test with mice; however, human trials for gene editing are already underway.

This first trial is small and designed to test whether CRISPR is safe for use in people, rather than whether it effectively treats cancer or not. It will be funded by a US$250-million immunotherapy foundation formed in April by former Facebook president Sean Parker. The trial itself does not yet have a budget. The University of Pennsylvania will manufacture the edited cells, and will recruit and treat patients alongside centres in California and Texas.

CRISPR is a dangerous technology, and this study proves that it is not safe for use on humans, yet Big Pharma is pushing the agenda of mutating DNA, and thus, this study will be swept under the rug along with whatever happens to mankind as a result of ‘unwanted’ genetic mutations.