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NatWest glitch goes on: Bank to open on Sunday as millions of customers are still unable to get access to money [UK]

Rob Cooper

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Junde 21, 2012

  • NatWest have resolved the 'underlying problem'
  • They are opening banks on Sunday and they will stay open until 7pm tonight
  • Problems are expected to continue into NEXT WEEK as they deal with the backlog of payments
  • House buyers unable to complete purchases because of glitch
  • Customers STILL reporting that salaries are not being paid in and payments are not being made
  • Up to 12MILLION customers are being affected by the problem
  • NatWest say the problem was NOT caused by hacking
  • Banks under obligation to put customer in the position they would have been if the problem had not happened

NatWest will open branches on Sunday as millions of people are unable to receive money or pay bills because of an ongoing technical fault.

The bank are keeping their branches open until 7pm tonight and until 6pm tomorrow because a huge number of transactions failed to go through properly.

Up to 12 million people have been affected by the major computer error which was triggered when a software upgrade was being installed to the payment system.

They have resolved the 'underlying problem' but it could be early next week before all the problems have been dealt with and everything gets back to normal.