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Vatican Triumvirate removes "Pope Francis" on the eve of Ninth Circle sacrificial ritual - 
Diplomats and special Sheriffs attempt to stop ceremony
A Special Update from the ITCCS 
with an announcement of this Sunday's Here We Stand broadcast
Issued 21 February, 2019
by The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)
A Vatican source has disclosed that a trio of senior Cardinals ousted Jorge Bergoglio today from his position as "Supreme Pontiff". His deposing came just prior to a Ninth Circle cult ceremony at the Jesuit San Lorenzo Piscibus church in Rome, where Bergoglio's removal will be ratified with a sacrificial ritual.
The new ruling Triumvirate will consist of the Vatican Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Canada and Cardinal Gerhard Muller of Germany. Bergoglio will retain his public position as "Pope Francis" for now, but will have no authority or voice within the Curia or so-called "Holy See".
According to the source,
"Francis was caught off guard by this move because it came from two of his closest supporters, Parolin and Ouellet. It was the typical Roman stabbing of Caesar in the back. The three Cardinals represent the political and financial muscle of the Vatican; Parolin, obviously, as Secretary of State, Ouellet as the head of the Congregation of the Bishops, and Muller as head of all doctrine and the Vatican Bank, through his control of Cardinal Reinhard Marx, chief of the Council of the Economy."
All three Cardinals also figure prominently within the secret Ninth Circle sacrificial cult, particularly Marc Ouellet, who presided at a Circle coven in Montreal last December 21. The Ninth Circle, a child sacrificial cult established by the Jesuits in the sixteenth century, will be holding a special ceremony at midnight this weekend, February 23-24, to "sanctify" the new papal regime with the ritual killing of a child. The three ruling Cardinals will likely be at the ceremony. 
In response, a European nation - probably Spain - has lodged a diplomatic "message of concern" to Cardinal Parolin's office concerning the impending Ninth Circle ceremony and has asked Italian police to investigate. The ITCCS has dispatched a team of special Sheriffs to attempt to disrupt the ceremony as they did successfully at the Marie Reine du Monde Cathedral in Montreal in the fall of 2016.
ITCCS asks all people of conscience to converge on the San Lorenzo Piscibus church by sundown this Saturday February 23 to aid in the disruption of this bloody ritual: 
Please tune in this Sunday, February 24 to our blog radio program Here We Stand, 
on, at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern and 11 pm GMT
Our regular host Kevin Annett will be providing an up to the minute news report of our attempted shutdown of the Ninth Circle ceremony in Rome. The show will also feature an interview with Ninth Circle survivor Dave Staffen from southern Ontario, who will describe the cult's ties to the Anglican and Catholic churches in Canada (including Anglican Primate Fred Hiltz and Catholic Cardinal Marc Ouellet of the new "Vatican Triumvirate").
In memory of William Combes, 
Eyewitness to the abduction of ten children by "Queen" Elizabeth Windsor at the Kamloops Catholic Indian residential school
Murdered by arsenic poisoning in St. Paul's Catholic Hospital, Vancouver 
February 26, 2011
The ITCCS office in Brussels is the coordinating center for the Tribunal.
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