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Health care denied because of her faith . .

Mat Staver

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Health care denied because of her faith . .

The teenage daughter of one of my own employees was DENIED URGENT MEDICAL CARE because of her religious objection to COVID shots. The unvaccinated are being pushed OUT of public life because of illegal mandates—even when their life hangs in the balance.

We fought the tyrants when they tried to close our churches by edict, and we will continue to fight the Biden administration and the get-rich-injection business cronies to the very gates of hell.

We need YOUR help defending the service members, employers and students—all desperately trying to avoid forced COVID shots. We WILL NOT REST until everyone’s right to religious freedom is restored.

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A 16-year-old daughter of one of our staff members was DENIED MEDICAL TREATMENT because of her religious exemption for the shot.

Rachael* has been suffering from suspected asthma symptoms. For weeks, she has struggled to breathe as she waited for a doctor’s appointment time to open. When appointment day finally came, Rachael sat patiently in the waiting room with her parents waiting to be examined. But after a long wait in the lobby, staff came out and informed the child and her parents that the doctor refused to see her because of her religious objection to getting the COVID shot.

Rachael’s parents must now wait yet more weeks to get their daughter the medical care she needs to breathe properly … all because of this religious discrimination. Help fight Biden’s insane and illegal MANDATES!

It doesn’t stop there. Not content to try to force military members and federal employees to take the COVID shots, Joe Biden wants to force private businesses to do the same.

Biden’s decrees are illegal. But that isn’t stopping him. Meanwhile, our office continues to get desperate pleas for help like the one we received from this single mother of two young children.

“I am a Christian and a child of God looking for help from this mandate [sic] that goes against my religious beliefs and my rights as an American citizen,” Rosalynn writes from North Carolina. “I am a single mother of a 2 and 3 year old. I am the only provider. I cannot afford to lose my job. I have also been told that we will not qualify for unemployment [whether] I quit or am terminated.”

Or Corrine in California, who writes that her husband’s employer will be terminating him after 25 years of faithful service.

Or Samantha, a public school teacher in Illinois, who is concerned about reports of infertility in shot takers. “I’m 25 and have not yet had kids,” she writes. “I am scared how this vaccine would affect my ability to raise a family in the future.”

We are still overwhelmed by a large number of desperate calls and emails like these PLEADING FOR HELP! Help us help them!

We have never experienced this volume of requests for help. And these are not your typical requests. Each one is emotional, and each one involves life or death, termination or removal from school, or even dishonorable discharge proceedings.

We need YOUR HELP like never before. Your gift will be DOUBLED. Select here or the button below to FUND THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.

The explosion of people being forced to inject this substance is deeply disturbing. This should not be happening in America. And for what?

Mayo Clinic now admitted that the COVID shots are not very effective. That is what we have been saying. We told you so months ago.

Not only are these shots not safe, but they also aren’t effective. Indeed, the data now shows they are causing “vaccine enhanced disease,” which means you become more susceptible to variants, and the variants are more deadly than if you had not received the shots! The FDA knew this would happen as far back as October 2020. We have the FDA presentation on our website.

We are working with over 1,000 employees at a major airline. In three days alone, we did conference calls with around 900 people. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

People are PLEADING FOR HELP! Please, help us help more people.

Here are just a couple of these heartfelt requests for help:

  • “I have a 21-year-old female member who does not want the vaccination because there is not enough testing done to prove it won’t affect her fertility!” 

  • “Are you able to help with military being forced to take the vaccine? So many of us are desperate. Our jobs and livelihoods are on the line, and we are running out of time! They are making religious exemptions near impossible and denying them left and right!”

The volume of calls and emails is the greatest in our history. As we stand with heroes and other precious people, please stand with us.

There’s one more thing you can do. Fax governors and Congress. NO MANDATORY COVID SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS! Select here or the button below.

Please pray for our staff as we fight to stay on top of this growing mountain of cries for help. And please also continue to pray in the spirit of 2 Chronicles 7:14 for our nation.

May God bless you and keep you!

Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


P.S.  We need your help to help those pleading for assistance. DOUBLE THE IMPACT OF YOUR GIFT with our Challenge Grant.


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