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How your church is being attacked

Mat Staver

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If the so called "Equality Act" legislation is allowed to pass, it will force churches underground in America.

Many churches and leaders are completely unaware of how their freedoms are teetering on the edge of a sharp precipice. We are calling on you to help raise the alarm. To help, we are offering you a free, printable resource to share with, and educate, your church to this threat.

It is urgent that we rise up to fight this in the Senate right now. At any moment, a radical senator can call this bill to a voice vote on the floor of the Senate and our side need only be silent, distracted, or just not present for a few minutes for this bill to pass. Send your fax today to urge the Senate to preserve religious freedom for churches. - Mat

Religious institutions must either abandon their biblical view of human relationships or bankrupt their property and resources to pay for a legal defense to lawsuits, court and attorney's fees, and awarded "damages" given to those involved in LGBT behavior under this legislation.

Here are some of the situations that would trigger a lawsuit:

  • If a pastor weds a couple, he would also be forced to "marry" an LGBT couple or bankrupt the church in court.
  • If a church hosts or allows a baby shower on their property, they would be forced to offer the same accommodation to an LGBT adoption celebration.
  • If a church hosts an AA meeting, if asked, they also would be forced to host an LGBT rally meeting in their church building.
  • If a church hosts a wedding, they could also be forced to host an LGBT relationship celebration.
  • If a staff member came out as LGBT, the church would be forced to continue the staff member’s employment until finding a non-religious reason to fire them.
  • If a volunteer showed up dressed in drag and the church stopped them from serving in the nursery, it would be grounds for a lawsuit.
  • If the church took a mission trip, they would not be able to house the children according to biological gender if one of the boys wanted to sleep in the girls' room.

Basically, this would establish law that would place a target on churches. This will apply to churches, synagogues, mosques, and all religious institutions.

Sharing the biblical view of relationships would be prohibited. Even doing so inside of the church would open it to damaging lawsuits. The church would not be able to protect the children attending from being exposed to this sin while inside their church.

If this bill is passed, we will be caught up in years of litigation in antagonistic courts with a horrific legal foundation to attack religious freedom. It will drain the religious institutions of America. Now is the time to rise up against this bill. Make sure the U.S. Senate hears your demands to oppose this bill loud and clear with your fax today.

The church is under attack like never in the history of our nation. Some have compared the church to a ship. On the still waters of American freedom and prosperity, it has slowly been retrofitted to resemble a cruise ship promising delights, happiness, and rest.

But what needs to happen now is for the church to emerge as a battleship to defend the freedom of Americans to share the full gospel with the hurting, the broken, and the lost.

It is time to set the captives free by speaking the truth in love.

However, such freedom has always angered the captors. That is why we need to defend liberty in America. I encourage you to print out our 2-page fact sheet and provide copies of this to the churches in your community.

Then take the next step to protect this freedom of speech and association by sending a fax to the Senate to demand the "Equality Act" be blocked every time radicals seek to push it forward.

Churches and people of faith are the target. Our buildings are being burned by rioters across our nation. We are under siege from politicians striving to lock church doors indefinitely, and most importantly, from legislators who want to use laws like the "Equality Act" to weaken the message from within the church and silence even the pulpit itself on relevant matters.

If we don’t get involved today, most of the American church will be relegated to the museum of history. Liberty Counsel Action is on the front lines of this battle because we want to help alert and guide churches through these challenging times.

And we rely completely on the support, prayers, and donations from our friends and partners to provide resources like our "Equality Act" Factsheet to help spread the word.

Thank you for your concern and support for our nation. Together we can turn this ship around and become a powerful force to fight for freedom, liberty, and the light of truth to shine across our nation.

In your service,

Mat Staver



P.S. The future path of the American church is before us. We can cower in servitude or stand as sons and daughters of the Most High God to demand the freedom to obey and follow our Lord and Savior. Help protect this freedom by sending a fax today.

Please know that we are keeping our friends and supporters in prayer. You are the only reason that we can continue the vision God has given us to restore America. If you can support Liberty Counsel Action with a donation of any size today, we would deeply appreciate your partnership with us in this mission. Again, thank you and God bless.

LAST THING: If you prefer to sign a petition, please click here.

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