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Churches Targeted


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Churches across the country are refusing to be closed without a fight.

Lawsuits have been filed in California, Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi and Virginia, to name a few.

Your Public Advocate led this charge, filing an Amicus Brief in support of one Virginia church's suit to reopen their doors without persecution.

And through our tireless efforts, we have awoken the White House and the Department of Justice to this critical fight.

Attorney General William Barr first filed official support for a church's suit in Mississippi.

But since our last national message on this, the DOJ has also joined the latest suit here in Virginia.

Even Vice President Pence has given his full support to Lighthouse Fellowship Church of Virginia.

Unbelievably, the pastor of Lighthouse was threatened with jailtime by Virginia's Governor Northam!

Meanwhile, the enemies of Christianity and the Family are ramping up their persecution across the country.

In Kansas City, MO, the Mayor has ordered that everyone who attends a church service be identified and tracked.

Many have compared the list the Mayor wants to build to those used by totalitarian governments -- like Stalin's Soviet Union.

Reports are that Barr is considering taking up this fight too.

But the list of outrageous attacks on churches keeps growing.

Kentucky's Governor Beshear is now trying to dictate HOW churches worship when HE allows them to reopen.

He's actually told churches in his state that they are not allowed to sing hymns together.

What's next, telling churches what they are allowed to preach about homosexuality or "transgenderism?"

In Kansas, the governor was successfully forced to relax restrictions on churches -- now they are only being held to the same standards as retail businesses.

As I've shared with you in previous emails, the stories of churches targeted around America prove this was never about public health.

From the start, this was the chance for anti-Christian politicians to flex their muscles and assert authority over churches.

This was their chance to set the precedent that churches can be closed when the government says so.

Which is why it's so important that we do more than just challenge their illegal and unconstitutional orders in court.

We need legislative action to ensure that no level of government is allowed to claim that "emergencies suspend the First Amendment."

Just click here to sign your petition to Congress right now.

Let your Representatives know you expect them to join with Trump, Pence and Barr in defending Religious Liberty during this crisis.

For the Family,


President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. Politicians at every level are trying to control when and how churches hold services.

We have brought the Department of Justice into this fight -- but we still need legislative action.

No politician or judge can be allowed to act as if the First Amendment is suspended during any sort of crisis.

So please, click here to sign your petiton to Congress demanding they support the First Amendment.

P.P.S. I've included my original message with more details below.

Subject: Churches Targete

“The Constitution is not suspended in times of crisis.”

With those words, Attorney General William Barr answered our call for action in defense of Religious Liberty!

I know by now you’ve seen all the stories of churches being aggressively persecuted for holding ANY FORM of service during this health crisis.

Even when all attendees stay inside their own vehicles or use the exact same safety measures as the super stores (WalMart, Costco) -- these congregations have been harassed, threatened and even charged with crimes.

The harsh reality is that these police responses have nothing to do with public health, and everything to do with anti-Christian bureaucrats and politicians seeing how far they can suppress Christianity.

While churches are being demonized in the media, leftist Governors and Mayors have gone out of their way to celebrate Islamic holidays.

Public Advocate has been standing against the overreach by the government against churches since the beginning.

We have gathered thousands of petitions calling on Barr and President Trump to come to the defense of churches during this crisis.

And we issued a public letter to AG Barr advising him on the illegality of the restrictions being placed especially hard upon American churches.

In that letter, we demanded that Barr take action in the form of naming specific people to spearhead the defense of Religious Liberty.

With his latest announcements, he has followed our advice, naming Eric Dreiband and Matthew Schneider to oversee and coordinate a national effort to protect churches.

And finally, last week Public Advocate took to the streets of Richmond, VA to directly protest Governor Northam's attempts to shut down churches there.

My staff, volunteers, and I showed this Governor that Christians were not afraid to oppose his attacks on Religious Liberty.

We also supported one church’s lawsuit against Northam with an Amicus Brief opposing the order that churches should be closed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In Kentucky -- where police are tracking church-goers -- the state Attorney General has joined a lawsuit against his own Governor, Andy Beshear.

Like so many radical Leftist Governors, Beshear has banned all Kentuckians from participating in any sort of religious service -- regardless of how many health and safety measures they take!

Right now, the Homosexual Lobby and the Radical Left are ecstatic over the widespread closing of churches.

They know that if they can get away with it this time, the next time there’s a public crisis, it will be even easier to shutter churches.

Now is the time for the Church in America to stand up and fight back!

Public Advocate has already convinced President Trump and the Department of Justice to jump in the fight.

Next, we have to take this fight to the rest of our elected leaders.

That’s why I’ve prepared a petition addressed to your individual Congressman, Senators and Governor.

Just click here to sign your petition demanding they Stop the Attack on Churches.

Let’s show them that Christians will not be silenced.

And after you sign, please consider what you can spare to keep Public Advocate in this fight.

For the Family,


Preident, Public Advocate of the U.S.


P.S. Public Advocate has convinced the Department of Justice to take up the defense of churches in these difficult times.

Now we need to petition Congress and the Governors to stop their unconstitutional and outrageous attempts to ban church services in America.

Just click here to sign your Stop the Attack on Churches petition right now.

And after you sign, please prayerfully consider if you can spare a donation to help keep Public Advocate in this fight for our Religious Liberty.