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Ben Dutka

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April 17, 2020




Social distancing restrictions are more severe in certain parts of the country.

But sometimes, those restrictions can go too far — and when that happens, a higher power must intervene.

You probably heard about a town in Greenville, Mississippi banning drive-in church services. Police officers were fining people $500 for partaking of these services!

It didn’t make much sense to many church-goers, largely because everyone stays in their own cars for such an event.

And the Department of Justice thinks it doesn’t make any sense, either.

Attorney General William Barr’s DOJ stepped in when they heard about the situation, and now the Greenville mayor has been forced to lift the ban.

Via Fox News:

A day after the Justice Department intervened on behalf of a local church in a lawsuit over a ban on drive-in services in Greenville, Miss. … the mayor now says such religious gatherings are allowed.

Finally, logic and sense win out!

Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons said families can now use drive-in and parking lot services in the city, provided everyone stays in their cars and the windows remain rolled up.

Sure, that still sounds a tad over-the-top to me (and to others, I assume). But at least the outright ban is gone.

For this to happen, however, the Justice Department had to file a statement of interest supporting the Temple Baptist Church.

AG Barr himself said:

The City of Greenville fined congregants $500 per person for attending these parking lot services – while permitting citizens to attend nearby drive-in restaurants, even with their windows open.

Barr added that the ban “singled out religious institutions unfairly.” And he’s absolutely right, I believe.

In order to protect our basic freedoms and not get TOO crazy about social distancing, this ban had to go.

Moreover,we need to find a way to maintain our individual liberties while fighting this epidemic. If you’re in your own car, and you remain there, I fail to see the danger.

Many thanks to the DOJ for upholding both religious freedom and plain logic!

After Mississippi Mayor Bans Drive-In Church Services – Barr’s DOJ Steps In, Gets The Ban Lifted