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Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice have answered our call.


But it's only a start.


Just as I predicted, churches are now suffering the bulk of local government harassment over quarantine measures.


Kentucky's Governor, Andy Beshear, ordered that the license plates of all cars in church parking lots on Easter morning be recorded by the police.


He's building a database of Christians who refuse his unlawful orders.


These church-goers are getting reported to health services and placed under a mandatory 14-day quarantine.


Both of Kentucky's Senators -- Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell -- have condemned Governor Beshear for his abuse of the First Amendment.


In Virginia, police issued a summons for an entire church -- for allowing 16 people to spread out in a sanctuary with seating for nearly 300.


Police threatened the church with further action if they held their Easter service.


And in Mississippi, police rolled up on a "drive-in service" and started writing tickets with outrageous fines.


Despite everyone sitting securely in their own cars, every person attending this service was given a $500 ticket!


At a time when so many people are out of work, this Mississippi congregation is getting fined tens of thousands of dollars for doing nothing.


Nothing but exercise their First Amendment rights.


The Radical Left and the Homosexual Lobby are allowing their hatred of Christianity to dictate their actions.


And they are whipping people into a frenzy against churches.


In Kentucky, one church was the target of terrorism as vandals tried to destroy the tires of everyone who attended Easter service by strewing nails in the parking lot.


The message of this terrorism is clear: If you try to go to church, you will be punished.


This is the direct result of politicians and the media accusing church-going Christians of being the enemy.


They are treating these churches like a criminal enterprise.


Meanwhile, major retailers like Walmart and Costco are servicing dense crowds everyday.


Yet these churches -- most of which are adhering to CDC guidelines even better than the retail stores -- are facing criminal charges.


If these anti-Family politicians and bureaucrats could have it their way, many of these churches would never open again.


Are we going to allow our Religious Liberty to be dictated by circumstances?


Because I promise you -- this isn't over by a long shot.


At the next "crisis," they'll target churches for a shutdown all over again.


We cannot allow this to go unchallenged.


AG Barr's announcement is a good start, but we need so much more.


If you haven't signed our letter to President Trump yet, I need you to do so right now.


And if you have, please forward this email to all your friends and family.


We need President Trump to take the lead on this and condemn the persecution of churches during this crisis.


Just click here to sign your letter to Trump.


For the Family,



President, Public Advocate of the U.S.


P.S. The COVID-19 crisis has opened the door to widespread persecution of American churches.


The Department of Justice has announced some preliminary action, but it's merely a start.


We need President Trump to speak out boldly.


So please, click here to sign your letter to the President asking him to defend the American church.



From: Eugene Delgaudio []



Subject: Churches silenced for Easter


Has the Radical Left finally won its war on Easter?


As you are reading this, I know you most likely worshiped at home today and didn't attend Easter service in person.


Losing our traditional Easter Service is far from ideal and spiritually very painful.


But President Trump has asked us all to be responsible and limit our chances to spread this frustrating virus.


The President asked us to exercise caution, and that's what we are doing.


But for many of these anti-Christian Governors and Mayors, that's not enough.


You see, many pastors have worked out ways to safely hold their services and keep their churches open.


These churches are asking members to stagger their arrivals so that the services are never too full.


They are spacing people out to maintain social distance in their pews and lines.


In fact, they are utilizing every technique that retail and grocery stores are using to keep people safe.


Yet, when it comes to churches, local authorities across the country are demanding they just close completely.


Apparently, Jesus Christ is not essential in the eyes of many of these politicians.


Certainly not as essential as a run to Walmart.


In Baltimore, MD, police are harassing and intimidating an African-American church over their continued services on a weekly basis!


The first week, the police tried to barge in and order the service closed.


Thankfully, the leaders of this church stood strong on their faith.


But the next week, the police had at least 12 officers lined up in front of the church trying to scare people away from Palm Sunday services!


(Pictures showed the police huddled close together and without any virus-protection clothing -- in clear violation of new guidelines.)


Another church in Kentucky was targeted on local news, while the reporter tried to capture the faces of the “wrong-doers” and shame them in the community.


Two pastors have seen warrants sworn out against them for holding services -- despite sworn testimony that all proper “social distancing” rules were observed.


In Tampa, FL, one of those pastors was arrested for holding an “unlawful assembly.”


In Charlotte, NC, David Benham was arrested for standing outside an abortion clinic and informing scared, expectant mothers of essential life-saving options available to them.


Mr. Benham made some national news stories in 2014 when the Homosexual Lobby forced channel HGTV to cancel his reality show.


Police in Charlotte ignored the fact that his activities were perfectly legal and hauled him off.


In California, a small church congregation showed up on Palm Sunday to discover that their landlord had changed the locks on them!


Police are backing the landlord and ordering the church to halt services.


This whole response is supposed to be about protecting people.


But these Governors and Mayors are clearly failing to protect Christians.


There is no justification for this level of crackdown on Christians and Religious Liberty in America.


They can ask us to stay home -- and I do mean ask.


They can beg churches that do stay open to limit the density of people at their services.


But these politicians have no right to ban our services or harass our pastors!


That's why I'm asking you to join me in reaching out to President Trump.


We need an advocate speaking out nationally, calling for a stop to the persecution of Christianity under the blanket of fighting COVID-19.


That's why I'm asking President Trump to officially call on these cities and states to respect Religious Liberty during this crisis.


Enough is enough, and the attacks on these churches have gone too far.


I know that there are many churches in America that would have held their Easter Service with reasonable precautions, but were frightened into inaction by the tyranny we are facing.


We cannot allow the Radical Left and the Homosexual Lobby to capitalize on this crisis by hurting churches.


Christian churches deserve the same right to function as Costco or Walmart.


As Man does not live by bread alone, spiritual sustenance, is and will always be, essential.


Especially in uncertain times like these.


So please, join me in calling on President Trump by clicking here to sign.


President Trump will listen if we reach out to him.


And whether you worshipped at home or braved the persecutors to attend a service today, God bless you.


May you have a blessed Easter.


For the Family,



President, Public Advocate of the U.S.


P.S. Do you think it's right for police to treat Churches like terrorists for holding responsible services?


We need President Trump to speak out and condemn this persecution of Christians during the COVID-19 crisis.


Just click here to sign our appeal to President Trump to speak out.


And after you sign, please prayerfully consider if you can spare a donation to help keep Public Advocate in this fight for our future.

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