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Pastors blocked from online service options

Mat Staver

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When the government restricts freedom, it has a tendency to not stop.

Now some pastors are being told by the governor in Washington State that they cannot drive to their church to broadcast their Easter message online - because the church is "non-essential."

Meanwhile the subway system in New York City continues on its daily route jammed with people crowded shoulder to shoulder touching the same polls and railings because someone in power thinks THAT is "essential," according to PolitiFact.

Another Democrat governor in Kentucky is threatening to arrest a 77-year old pastor who has served the church for 52-years because he had 60 people spread far and wide in a 700-seat sanctuary this past Sunday. Yet, the same governor states that "libraries" and "shopping malls" are "essential."

Some of these restrictions have NOTHING to do with stopping the spread of a virus.

Now these pastors are reaching out to me with very serious concerns. And I am asking you to help us demand that every one of these governors respect and protect our freedom and exercise some common sense.

You can come alongside pastors and support them today by sending a critical fax to these governors and lawmakers urging them to recognize that churches and pastors are essential, especially during a crisis. We need an outpouring of grassroots support to get this turned around immediately. - Mat

Unfortunately, the egregious violation of these pastors wasn't the only thing that happened over the weekend.

In North Carolina, as long as people stay 6 feet apart, they can go to state parks like the Jones Lake or Mayo River. Meanwhile, its Democrat governor declared killing children by abortion as "essential."

But when Charlotte's Democrat mayor saw people standing 6 feet or more apart near an abortion clinic, she contacted the police and told them, "shut this activity down."

The police dutifully came and arrested 8 people who were standing more than 6 feet apart outside the abortion clinic–while at the exact same time the state parks are wide open to hundreds of people as long as they stay 6 feet apart.

One person arrested in North Carolina was one of the well-known Benham brothers. Jason Benham's HGTV show helping disadvantaged families find nice housing was canceled because they were attacked for believing Christian principles. "I appreciate that you're serving. I appreciate everything that you do for us. But this is wrong," Jason told the arresting officer. "We are offering essential services to these mothers, and you know this."

Right now in North Carolina, a woman can walk into an abortion center, where staff will most assuredly not maintain social distancing in order to kill her preborn child—and at the same time a person would get arrested for standing outside the abortion center to offer help and resources from 6 feet away.

Our founding fathers knew that power corrupts our leaders. What is astonishing is how quickly this is happening in America. It is time for us to rise up and demand justice. We must restore equal treatment or preference for constitutionally protected religious activities.

We are not encouraging every church to disregard their circumstances and gather. Some should go online when possible. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Every shepherd of a flock wants to protect the sheep. I know of no pastor who wants to put people in physical danger. Instead, we should advise pastors to use caution and follow health guidelines where they can, without compromising their God-given calling to minister to people in desperate need.

I'm excited to offer you a quick and easy way to help fight for their freedoms with your own voice. North Carolina's Democrat Governor Roy Cooper is one of the many governors and legislators in our fax system. You can send him your fax right now.

These elected officials need to hear from you today.

Before people decide if they are willing to give up their constitutional freedoms in an emergency, the question should be asked—just how many "emergencies" do we have in America? In the last 100 years, we have had more than 70 national emergencies, a large number of which became permanent and are STILL IN EFFECT today.

State and local governments declared more than 100 states of emergency, just in 2019. That's about one new "emergency" every 3.5 days.

We CANNOT suspend our Constitution in a state of emergency. Rather, we need to balance the law with the specific circumstances.

From the beginning, we have raised serious concerns about the long-term damage that can come from classifying churches as non-essential.

Now people are being arrested for being outside an abortion clinic and pastors are blocked from driving to their churches to broadcast online.

We are passionately advocating for individual pastors to have the freedom to do what is best for their congregation and community while at the same time protecting the health of everyone. There is not one answer from government that fits every situation. What is best for one, is not necessarily best for another. This is why the government is not the answer to our problems. Jesus is the answer. We are His hands and feet.  


Support this fight for freedom.

Thank you for being a part of this important effort to protect freedom, to serve hurting people, and to protect the health of all people.


Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. State and local governments are locking pastors in their houses so they cannot proclaim an Easter message, are stopping drive-in services, and have arrested pro-lifers outside an abortion clinic.

Send a fax to these governors and others who are considering emergency orders and actions. Then rush a donation to strengthen our ability to fight this in the days ahead. Any amount helps.

Finally, Big Tech is blocking and shadow banning Christian organizations like ours. Will you please help us beat the censorship by just taking a few seconds to forward this email to your friend?

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