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LAST CHANCE to helpa Christian in China

Mat Staver

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Tomorrow, our nation's trade office restarts international negotiations with China. I need your help to send an urgent message to our trade representatives. They must ask for religious freedom for Christians and followers of other religions. Believers are suffering horrific abuse, persecution, and even gruesome death because of their faith.

 I'm missing YOUR signature on our petition to President Trump and the Trade Director asking them to seek relief for prisoners of conscience. Today is your last chance to take action so don't wait, sign your name immediately!

Today, our LCA staff is meeting at the White House where we are pleading for the lives of those who are suffering and being killed and forgotten under China's communistic régime. But we can't simultaneously be in every place that needs to hear this important message today!

We need your action to help us get this message straight to the leadership of the Senate, House, and the trade office, who will be most closely involved in these negotiations, with today's life-giving fax. Click below to get started. - Mat

Honestly, President Trump was so focused on getting an economic win that he sacrificed our incredible opportunity to grow religious freedom in China during Phase I of negotiations. This is why it is so important to get this message to him and the bureaucrats who are starting negotiations tomorrow.

We need to hold their feet to the fire. We need to take the gains President Trump has made for religious freedoms domestically and push those internationally during Phase II negotiations with China.

For people in China, it is easy to feel ignored, even disposable...and forgotten by the rest of the world; people like Pastor Wang Yi, who was arrested and thrown into a Chinese prison for a year for leading an underground church. He recently had a show trial that sentenced him to nine years of hard labor. There Pastor Yi will endure some of the harshest prisons in the world.

Religious convicts are subjected to horrifying and unimaginable conditions. It's likely Pastor Yi will be crammed into a 21-square-foot cell that houses a dozen or more prisoners at one time. There are no toilets. Food and water are scarce, and days can pass without any provision at all. Beatings are regular and violent. Death behind bars is common even for prisoners serving"short" sentences. Many prisoners like Pastor Yi will never see the light of day again.

You can stand up for Pastor Yi and those who will be suffering in China tonight by sending an urgent fax to those in America who have the power to negotiate religious freedom in China.


It is easy to be overwhelmed by what is happening in China. On Open Doors' list, China leapfrogged over 16 other countries because of how sharply their persecution is intensifying. A staggering 1 in 7 people in the world live under China's growing oppression. The horrific cases of human organ trafficking of prisoners of conscience have gripped our team.

Through the support of our friends and partners like yourself, we are working closely with the White House and bringing awareness to other organizations. We are providing these groups with the information and resources to raise an outcry against what is happening in China.

We are only able lead on growing religious freedom across the world because of the generous donations from our friends and supporters. It is your sacrifice that enables us to be on Capitol Hill every day to push to protect those forgotten by the world.

Pray about it, and then give your best possible donation right now to empower us to switch from playing defense to going on offense for religious freedom. You can even become a monthly financial partner so that we can continue our presence on Capitol Hill to win these battles day after day.


Thank you in advance for standing up for our brothers and sisters in Christ and helping to spread religious freedom—even on the other side of our world. My heart is to also help these believers directly. I started a partner organization, Liberty Relief International, which provides resources to believers under severe persecution worldwide. Learn more here:


Mat Staver



P.S. We only have a few hours left to send an urgent message to the U.S. Trade Representative's office to use our leverage in trade negotiations to advocate for religious freedom in China.

We cannot sit on the sidelines any longer. Sign our urgent petition right now. Then help make a difference by sending your faxdonating, and forwarding this message to like-minded friends who care about believers worldwide. Thank you for your prayers.



This message can be viewed on our homepage.

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