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Mrch15, 2016

Any corporate church will invariably abandon its flock when necessary to its corporate survival. The parishioners who support this heartless but realistic policy, which essentially betrays the church's own mission, will continue to walk around like brain dead warlocks in the Village of the Damned, reveling in their twisted holiness.


Best wishes,

John K.



We could spend quite an interval discussing this sort of gesture. The Mormon Church's slavish compliance with the culture and aims of the NWO has lately induced certain of its members to respond in ways similar to the letter which you have

forwarded below.


People outside of Mormonism, or those with no intimate knowledge of it, might perceive this letter to the leaders of the Church as evenly worded and fairly mild. But, even as the L.D.S. Church has become more liberal in its politics and more vitally involved in vouchsafing key NWO operations, it has become less accepting of dissent. Neither the Church's leadership,


nor its general membership, would look kindly on what this guy has written.


Let me restate that. Truth be told, the Mormon culture is not just dissent averse, it is dissent zero-tolerant. And, what may seem to outsiders like a sort of evolved authoritarian sensibility in the Church is actually a basic tenet of the Mormon Gospel, practiced and codified by Brigham Young, who interpreted and then fixed a great deal of what you see today in modern Mormonism. "When the Brethren have spoken, the thinking is done." This was not an official pronouncement of the Church leadership.


But, it is a quote from a 1945 issue of the Church's official publication, "The Ensign." And no, they weren't kidding.


Discussion and consensus probably had a lot more play in Church founder Joseph Smith's day. But, Brother Brigham was Al Capone and the Ayatollah Khomeini rolled into one, and he not only didn't consider dissenters, he had them killed outright

(you doubtless have heard of Orrin Porter Rockwell and his friend Mr. Hatch). And, I include in the definition of dissenters parties who wanted nothing more than to leave Mormonism and peaceably exit the Salt Lake Valley in the 1850s.


The new road passing by the Bluffdale, Utah N.S.A. data center is named for Orrin Porter Rockwell, by the way.


Today, those who self-identify as "active L.D.S." -- many of the faithful even pronounce this term as one word and, it seems to me, do so with an oddly effete pronunciation -- would, pretty much to a man, look askance at the fellow who wrote the below

letter. In the argot of Mormonism, he would be called an "apostate."


A lot of Mormons, when encountering criticism or the offering of unsolicited advice to "The Brethren" -- acts which, regardless of content, never seem to make any sense to them -- aver that such sentiments are indicia of a possible problem with porn,

adultery or latent homosexuality in the critic. I'm not kidding.


These and other, usually sexuality-centered personal failings, are said to be acts which compromise spiritual immunity and allow the Devil to inoculate a soul with doubt, the "spirit of contention," rebellion and a lot of other things that you and I would probably just term American... or so any Mormon, older than the age of 12, would likely tell you. Same goes for cigar smoking and paying too much attention to sports. But the good news, if any can be derived from this nuttiness, is that the Church is now so big, so incomprehensibly wealthy, that it is forced to swim in the same pond as other top financial entities on Planet Rothschild, regardless of what Ezra Taft Benson and other Cold War-era Mormon leaders may have previously set down as correct political views. This harsh reality seems to have set Mormonism on a course inverse to the one it traveled in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. So inverse that it can no longer easily becloud its complicity in the Globalist Movement.


The Mormon Church has to play by the same rules as entities like Microsoft and the Catholic Church or it will endure the same anti-trust attacks and press pillory which these entities have weathered. The high Mormons are too shrewd, and too flexible, to

entertain making such challenges.