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Muslim 'Rapists' a Load of B.S.

Jim Stone

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Jan. 7, 2015

DEAR TROLLS: Don't bother trolling my inbox with "enlightenment" about the "Islamic rapist" war propaganda I posted about, you can't make headway with me by sending B.S. fatwas and other "Islamic" related enlightenment about how they "really are all rapists" because of this and that. If I uncovered the truth about Fukushima, which was a highly technical topic I got an "A" on straight from the engineer who designed reactor 3 (GEE, how did I ever even find him,) I surely can get it right about Islam! Trust me, I have a source so good that you might as well throw your efforts in the trash long before you think about bringing them to fruition.

The fact they think "Western women are predominantly whores", which you did indeed get right, does not conclude with the statement "therefore it is OK to rape them". REALITY: They pity Western Women at the same time they dread them, a Western woman is the last possible option for a Muslim, absent her converting to Islam. REALITY: Muslims will seek out Latinas when no Muslim women are available, because it is OK for them to marry Christians and Latinas are a Christian alternative with a comparatively good reputation. You can't fool me when I know the details to that level, COME ON NOW, I nail practically every topic I touch and certainly did not get one as big as Islam wrong!

And don't bother trolling the Muslim marry Christian topic, I know several Muslims that are indeed married to Christians and they get along great, and the Christians are still Christian. Gee, how is that possible with all your war propaganda B.S.? Reality is the best debunker. There is such a thin line between Islam and Christianity that the religions are compatible and that is all there is to it, children and all.

If they catch you with a Bible they will kill you? HA HA HA WHAT A LOAD OF BUNK, if that is true, then that nativity scene in the window in Iran ought to get the entire neighborhood nuked!

HEADS UP: There is a big correction to the Zika virus report, which should be put in all re-posts people have done

Muslim "rapists" a LOAD OF B.S.

There has been a lot of war propaganda going around about "Muslim rapists" with the latest being a huge subway attack in Germany. But this is totally impossible unless it was done by an intelligence agency, a fact simple logic will prove out:

First, consider this: in Islamic society, just having a guy and girl screw around consensually can often get them both killed or thrown in jail. I know, I know, the war team has everyone believing they stone the woman and the guy walks free, but that is NOT the case! Such relationships usually result in jail time in many areas. But there is one thing that will get a guy killed anywhere, and that is rape. Muslims do not treat sex like an accessory action in casual relationships the way many people in America and Europe do, it is instead serious, and held in the highest respect. And with that as the back drop, rape is simply automatic end of existence, and practically no one there would ever consider it, even if it was not.With that as cold hard fact, let's consider the logic then

These people do not just go from the Arab world behaving well to being total mongrels once they get to the U.S. and other places - they are still very culturally reserved. So how then, with that prevailing attitude, do you get "1,000 rapists" storming a subway in Germany? How did 1000 hard to find rapists just get together for a fun bash in one subway all at the same time? ANSWER: ASK THE CIA.

The prevailing ignorance in the target population does the rest of the job, and the target population then becomes scared and angry enough to go to war. Who wants the war? Simple answer, simple equation.

Muslim rapists? PUHLEEEZE . . . . that is the thinnest saddest psy op EVER.

How hard is it to have paid goons go into a subway, claim to be Muslim, and cause a huge scene with the women? Even an average high school could pull that off for a sociology experiment for absolutely FREE. But trust me, this particular batch of goons did not go cheap, IT COST A BUNDLE, but what does it matter when your stolen tax dollars probably paid for it all anyway?

The one guy shouting Allahu akbar with a "suicide vest" is also dirt simple to fake, and when the police drag him in, and he turns out to be CIA, it's just catch and release.

But the story sticks.

Allahu Akbar. Say it. Shout it. Good at it yet? GREAT! Now you can act well enough to be the next "Islamic terrorist!"