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Dirty Pastors: Sex, Satan & 58 dollar scam (Benny Hinn & Mike Murdock)

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Dirty Pastors Benny Hinn and Mike Murdock Sex & "Satanic" 58 Dollar Scam video clips EXPOSED.

Special thanks to Fox News, CNN, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Jon Stewart, Tosh O, Daniel Tosh, South Park, Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Bill O'Reilly, Ole Anthony, Investigative Reports, Dallas News, Denver News

Benny Hinn and Mike Murdock are exposed by Trey Smith who committed the TV pastor safe robbery in 1999. Many call the practices of Benny Hinn and Mike Murdock "Satanic" arguing that, "to deceive others with fake miracles, fake healing claims, promises of "supernaturally delivered" riches in exchange for cash, lies for profit, and deception itself is exactly what "occult" means --- And, satan is the principal figure in ALL occult practices.

Mike Murdock: In this video details of 1999 Mike Murdock safe robbery are covered. Additionally, Mike Murdock's sexual affairs, Mike Murdock's marriage to Linda Murdock, and Mike Murdock's lies. Also, the history behind Mike Murdock's four (4) decade career "panhandling 58 dollars from audiences" and how Murdock bought jet planes, mansions and presumably also paid for sexual arrangements with his millions. Mike Murdock commonly claims, "God spoke to me a minute ago and there are ("X" amount) of people who are to give 58 dollars. Be obedient to GOD!" This video covers the TRUTH behind the Mike Murdock 58 dollar scam. Finally, this video has the content from the Denton County Sheriff's / Police concerning the Trey Smith 1999 safe robbery.... and possible "cocaine" -- or --- "white powder" found in Mike Murdock's security closet behind 3 electronic doors --- where he kept the safe Smith stole.