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A Reader, Kathy, Writes About Her Experience As a Jehovah Witness

From Henry Makow

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 I was a Jehovah's Witness for 26 yrs. and finally got out about 6 yrs. ago.  I personally was aware of the tight control the Watchtower Society exercised over their world-wide membership, but I never suspected there was any infiltration or secret control until I left and started researching the New World Order (NWO).  "NWO" happens to be a phrase Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) use all the time.

    When I first became aware of secret societies and their pervasiveness throughout society, I noticed several similarities between the Illuminati ideals and those of JWs.  The most glaring fault of JWs is the way they imperceptibly distance their members from Christ through their teachings.  They teach that the majority of JWs are a secondary class, and that only a limited number are in a covenant with Christ.  They view the bulk of Jesus' words as applying only to the "Annointed" class.  Why would anyone accept such demeaning doctrine?  Because we were taught that the majority were going to inherit everlasting life in a paradise earth, while the Annointed would rule with Christ in heaven over the earth.  I recall thinking:  "Why would I want to go to heaven?  I like the earth and when God restores it to a paradise, I'll be happy to live here."  This belief in a paradise earth is the appeal that draws people into the JW religion.  But without realizing it, this belief made almost all of the New Testament irrelevant to us.

    There was a culture in the religion of unquestioning respect for and obedience to the leaders, so that no one dared question our customs or teachings.  We were taught to be scrupulous in paying taxes and not to have guns.  We were taught to expect persecution and when the time came, to quietly go to the concentration camps, trusting in God's protection.

    I left JWs because I was exhausted from living their vigorous life and distressed from witnessing unloving treatment toward the 'undesirables' in the congregation.  It was a couple of years after I left before I came across information about the connection between JWs and the Illuminati.  Fritz Springmeier's "Illuminati Bloodlines" introduced me to many clues and actual facts about the founder of JWs, Charles Taze Russell, and about some of their customs.  For example, I read (and I believe it) that the annual "Memorial Celebration of the Death of Christ" that JWs hold is really a re-enactment of an ancient Gnostic ritual called the "Rejection of the Body of Christ".  You see, because the majority of JWs profess to be of the "Earthly Class", they do not partake of the bread and the wine.  Only those who profess to be of the "Annointed Heavenly Class" partake.  But the average congregation of JWs has NO "Annointed" members (they are concentrated in New York at the Headquarters).  Therefore, at this annual celebration, millions of JWs pass the bread and wine around the whole congregation without partaking - Boy, if that's not a sneaky way to get people to reject Christ, I don't know what is!!  It sounds kind of like the Knights Templar who spat on an image of Jesus in secret rituals, doesn't it?

    Some connections between C.T. Russell, the founder of JWs, and the Illuminati are:  One of the Illuminati family blood lines is "Russell"; He was from Scotland; He was a Mason and obsessed with pyramids; He wrote to one of the Rothschilds in the 1870s from Palestine regarding the prospects of establishing a nation of Israel there; and more.  Springmeier concluded from his research that JWs was to be an international religion to impose on the NWO.  It was to masquerade as Christian for as long as necessary to indoctrinate its members with the concepts of a ruling class in heaven and an earthly class in subjection.  JWs are unknowingly being groomed to be obedient subjects and steered away from a personal relationship with Christ.  They genuinely love Christ and endeavor to follow him, but there is an invisible barrier between them and Christ.  It's very clever how they fooled so many people.  This is how they do it:  They teach that people ought to have a direct relationship with the father, Jehovah, and that although Christ is our Savior, we should not worship him.  They reject the Trinity (I still don't know what I believe on that subject), claiming it is a pagan doctrine.  But in doing so, they effectively push Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit into the background.

    With all these connections, I can't help but believe JWs is a front religion invented by the Illuminati agent, C.T. Russell,  to steer people unknowingly away from Christ and toward a one-world religion / one-world government concept.

    One other strange connection is the JWs obsession with Solomon's Temple.  They actually have a scaled model of it in one of the buildings at their NY headquarters, and some of their literature goes into detailed study of the temple's measurements, etc.  I always thought that was really weird.  Now I think it's a hand-me-down from the other obsessors of Solomon's Temple, the Knights Templar.

    In my research of the Illuminati, I've found only a few mentions of JWs - from John Todd, Svali, Mary Ann, and mostly from Fritzspringmeier.  Being a former JW, I am especially interested in their involvement.  Can you recommend any more sources for research on the subject?  I noticed the book by Robin de Ruiter - I should probably buy a copy.  I'm especially interested in President Eisenhauer's true history (he was raised a JW), and any connection JWs have with the drug trade.  Another Russell was the founder of Skull & Bones and was a notorious opium smuggler.  Michael Ruppert, ex LA cop who has been exposing the CIA's involvement with drugs, said that one of the CIA's covert operations was called "Watchtower", and that just happens to be the name of JWs principle publication.  I'm wondering if the international aspect of JWs and the relation to the CIA (via Skull & Bones via another Russell) all converge somehow.  Wouldn't JW Missionaries be a great front for international drug smuggling?  I may be way off here, but the connections seem too numerous to be coincidental.