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Phoenix Journal 67



Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn



"This volume I shall call THE BEAST AT WORK. Later, this will trigger thoughts as you wish to again look at 'Jury Tampering', 'Elite Child Pornography Rings' and so on. We simply do not write "BOOKS" as such wherein you can take a subject and perfect it. We shall have some of those and, in fact, earlier, did have some that could be qualified as relatively "like" that in format. Those have simply gotten us into deep yogurt and therefore we will not attempt to do that again--for as a "dated Journal" as we ARE we have protection and YOU CAN GET THE INFORMATION. We had to test our methodology and it worked out well so we certainly see no need for the changing of layout and presentation. Ours is to get the most information to the most people the fastest way available--WE CAN'T MAKE ANYONE READ IT OR, EVEN SO, UNDERSTAND IT OR LEAVE US ALONE TO OUR WORK.

"Each of you must take and perceive your own personal journey to happiness, fulfillment and self-understanding. We can, at best, share some guidelines and discern meaning as might assist you from time to time as we present factual information--both of your physical reality and that of higher dimensional Truth. We coerce not--we force nothing! We "offer" for those who would choose to share."

The Journal comes with a warning that the contents are going to be shocking, incredible, and then, difficult to find full realization of how far down the slide we have slipped in our worthy, blessed nation.

Some of the highly interesting topics covered are: The Waco, Texas--BATF MASSACRE - The "Who's Who" of American business and politics (named) tied up with child pornography ring and the George Bush connection - More on Martin Luther King - The ADL and its actions against loyal patriots - JUDGES ARE GUILTY OF JURY-TAMPERING IN MOST COURT CASES. - "SECRET SYSTEM ALLOWS JUDGES TO CONTROL JURIES." - The silencing of police officers - Juries have power to nullify laws - About the Newstates of America Constitution -- Wacko Waco— "Who’s Who” Of American Business & Politics—Child Pornography Ring—Justice, American Style: The Bush Tour & The Australian Connection—The Crime Control Act Of 1993—Rising Tide of Racism & Anti-Semitism—U.S. Judges Accused Of Jury Tampering—Judges Are Government Agents—Seven Noachide Laws & public Law 102-14—Newstates Constitution Preamble.