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Phoenix Journal 84


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn


In all the darkness which may abound, there is enough light in one tiny spark to show the way and therein is not only the "hope" but the PROMISE. I come not to lecture you on your moral views nor preach to convince you of some doctrine or an-other. I am sent to bring the Word of Truth that "Man" might rearrange his thoughts and focus within wherein Truth lies--for Man will find it not--out there somewhere from another's mouth shouted in opinion and perceptions of that which has been equally misinterpreted to him.

All you have to do to understand is LISTEN TO ANOTHER' S DREAM as doctrine of a Church or "Belief" which confronts your own--say a Tibetan Pagan Monk and a Methodist Preacher--and hear the rules for getting to "heaven" and celestial Grace by a Mormon or a New Age Rainbow-child. ALL have left out the important message to Man in instructions: TRUTH! It goes beyond "versions" of some this or that--YOU ARE CHILDREN OF THE LIE--NOT THE LIGHT!

Why do "WE" have no doctrine for a group, church or cult? Because we are the body of God sent forth to do our job that HIS people will recognize HIS LIFEBOAT for His precious creations of Light which cannot be snuffed-out.

Some of the important topics discussed are: Comments about "X"-mas - Why don't people like Hatonn? Gold in 2000 - Is Gorbachev a Republican? The Phoenix Institute Project - 50,000 Russian trained Chinese in Moscow waiting to be shipped to U.S.--WHAT FOR? Collapsed economy - ADL wiggles off the hook - Nature's products for a natural life - What is Project Monarch? — NAFTA—Project Monarch—Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Committee Of 300 cont’d.