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Phoenix Journal 43




Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn-Aton



This Journal begins the Tangled Webs series in which Hatonn discusses the many “tangled webs” of the adversary through the many adversarial Organizations.


It is with anticipation of distress on the part of readers, that we pen these current volumes. There is such denial--both deliberate and passive--that it is hard to avoid bringing pain to almost ALL readers. If, however, you don't put aside willful refusal to listen and see, you are destined for a most difficult journey in continued misled traps.

You can't believe in God presenting in this manner? You can't accept that you have been lied to? Come now, again--look around you for it is unfolding at breathtaking speed and you are caught in the whirlwind of chaos. The adversary certainly KNOWS who we are and is at breakneck speed trying to discount and bury the information. There are books confiscated at all en-tries into Canada under "hate crimes" and "child pornography". George and Desiree' were under total assault by a superbly planned attack on them during this month's visit into Canada. From terrified hotel managers to outright "tailing". In Canada the citizens are sick at heart for they lost their "rights" and didn't know it. In Canada, any mention publicly regarding speculation as to different possibilities of the German Holocaust is grounds for incarceration in prison. The Greens are called "hate-mongers" and "racists" because they handle material that mentions the words "Jew", "Zionist", Holocaust and others deemed "hate" by the very groups who openly call themselves Jews, Zionists, etc. If that is not "hate crime" and "racist", I cannot imagine what you would call it, and yet no protections come from the law and/or government. Ah yes, the adversary knows he has been nailed and he is going to do anything under the sun in criminal activities to squelch you-the-people.

Your President has just told you the rules under which he is going to play. He cares not for position of President--he will be a leading head of the UN Global Government. He is functioning under total blackmail tactics for his prior criminal activities--of which I share many in this book so will not present here in an introduction.

Hatonn also keeps us updated on important world events.

Some topics: “New Age” Deception—Plans For Sharon Of Israel—Conspiracy To Create A Holy War—Zionists Attack The Publisher Of The Phoenix Journals—Roles Of Nixon And Bush In The JFK Murder—Goals Of The committee Of 300—Players In The Temple Mount Conspiracy In The Holy War & Quator Coronati Lodge—Destruction Planned For U.S. Constitution And Christianity.