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Phoenix Journal 57

Divine Plan, Vol. II

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn


“Did you not KNOW that God Creator has a Divine PLAN for the unfoldment into LIGHT? Would HE who cherishes you as self allow you no port unto which to enter and find refuge? Ah, but you thought - - -? No, if you perceived there would be no plan by which that of evil would be put down, then you erred in knowledge and must attend, better, your lessons. OU turn fro GOD—GOD TURNS NOT FROM YOU—EVER!

“How think you, however, that you can understand and act wisely and clearly upon or within a “Plan’ when ye are still in ignorance as the babe with experience yet to be unfolded? You must learn that which was in the beginning and understand that which has come to be and now, WHICH IS! Although it may seem unclear and the doubts beset your way—in your reason you can know that which IS by its signs and actions all about you—NOW. These things did not come upon you only in the yesterday—these things of today have grown and become the octopus smothering you—since onset of the ‘play’.”

Some of the very important topics covered are: THE SUMARIANS—A LOST CIVILZATION. Excerpts from Pontus Pilate’s report. – Creation/creationists - Capture theory of moon. CHRIST WAS NOT A JEW. Three phases of Earth’s cleansing. “Shocking stuff from 1980.” HICRV; deadly new virus – Freemasonry and “mark of the beast - Queen of England is a German. POW/MIAs - Nebuchadnezzar’s dream - Update on the Weavers – More on earthquakes, storms, and other disasters – More of the plans of the Elite as they are unfolding and what is planned for the very near future.