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Jan. 25, 2016

Phoenix Journal 16


The Phoenix Rises

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn



You are in the throes of experiencing the types of oppression and government power as could only be expressed in terms “Government by emergency”. What might that mean? It means that the powers of the Federal bureaucracies are about to be greatly expanded even beyond the incredible increase in control of just your past decade. Executive order has all but replaced your constitutional laws. If the New Constitution is brought into law replacing your Constitution you will not need executive orders as such for you will simply fall into “legal” operations as is now underway—that of dictatorial government.

The goal of your actions, and the intent of this book is to give you the knowledge necessary for fulfillment, to cut the lifeline and transfusions unto the government which has moved, in total, away from your Constitutional foundation. The life source of that Dragon with its many heads is money. It is recognized as taxes, the most oppressive and unlawful of all being the income tax. This Journal has been produced with the major goal of totally eliminating the UNLAWFUL withholding of wages under the guise, pretext, sham, and subterfuge of “withho9lding taxes” from Americans who, IN FACT, are NOT SUBJECT TO nor liable for any “income” or other revenue tax.

The Sixteenth Amendment is indeed, unlawful and NULL and VOID, having never been ratified. The IRS is unlawful, the “income tax” is unlawful and all the practices of the government as concerns income taxes are unlawful and unconstitutional. There are ways to utilize to stop even the filing of the income tax forms—in fact, if you are to be successful, that is where you begin—stop filing the forms.

Everything is not taxable. The exercise of a natural right is not taxable. A state may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right granted by, or secured by, the U.S. Constitution. It is not a natural right to engage in any activity which is inherently evil or harmful to others. Such activity is taxable but, strangely enough, not in the manner utilized at present. There can be many taxable activities; however, THE FREE EXERCISE OF THE CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHT TO LAWFULLY ACQUIRE PROPERTY (INCOME OR OTHER, COMPENSATION) BY INNOCENT AND HARMLESS ACTIVITIES FOR LAWFUL COMPENSATION CANNOT BE TAXES FOR REVENUE PURPOSES, AND THEREFORE, AN INDIVIDUAL WHO IS ONLY ENGAGED IN LAWFUL, INNOCENT AND HARMLESS ACTIVITIES IS NOT SUBJECT TO ANY ”INCOME” OR OTHER REVENUE TAX.