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Jan. 23, 2016

Phoenix Journal 10


Spiral To Economic Disaster, Volume II

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn



This Journal is Part II of Spiral To Economic Disaster (#4). The Government’s thirst for information on its citizenry is unquenchable. It's a lot worse than you thought, they really are watching, everything. Is privacy possible? The document contains very pragmatic “how to” and tactical suggestions to help you legally “fade into the background”.

If you live in a Fishbowl, the fishermen can see you, catch you and put you right in the frying pan. You are in a transparent world where “Big Brother” not only can see everything you do and every move you make—but randomly take everything you have. The hook is pretty well set and the harder you flip and flog the more embedded it becomes.

This journal is a discussion of just about the last hope you have of gaining any privacy in your world whatsoever. You cannot continue, however, as is, without losing every shred of privacy and all “blackout” curtains are in the process of being dissolved right now at political, economic and police levels of the bureaucracy.

The only hope you have is to “turn out the lights” and/or become an invisible fish. This can be done with attention and effort. You can actually change your stripes and gain personal transparency to a large extent by changing your name to N. Corporation. You can salvage what you might have in wealth by taking some measures as outlined within this journal—cut the line and release the hook. You are in trouble!

Even if you have a salaried job and cannot avail yourself of all of the suggestions, you can most certainly take measures for protection in a dozen ways you probably have overlooked. We can only put a little food in the fishbowl, we cannot force you to eat it.

Some important topics covered are: Events that will “getcha” – The end of an “Age” – GOLD & SILVER FOR SECURITY:: - Plunging real estate – Value of Nevada Corporations – Who manipulates your strings? Electronic surveillance.

Topics include: The financial collapse is imminent. Preparing for financial melt-down. Commentary on a variety of related topics including: S&L's, the real estate market, oil, bonds, precious metals, interest rates, money laundering, home security systems, the Internal Revenue Service, and the new (traceable) currency. As the screws tighten. You the consumer. Credit card nightmare. The War on Privacy. Putting your affairs in order. And what of drug screening, lie detectors, on the job surveillance, medical history, credit history, the public mail system, your telephone records? Incorporate citizens, incorporate. The Right to own firearms, for how long? What are the ways to conceal money? This document is more important than you may realize. Reading it is your decision, of course so are the consequences of not, Special Report (On Corporate Strategy). (Index Included)