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Jan. 23, 2016

Phoenix Journal 8


Sananda, Hatonn, Ashtar, Nikola Tesla & Walter Russell



This book TRUTHFULLY ASSESSES the AIDS crisis. You will learn the shocking truth about the World Health Organization’s (WHO) DIRECT involvement in the spread of AIDS world-wide as well as the U.S. Public Health Service’s DIRECT involvement with the spread of AIDS in the U.S. You will learn how the experimentation of animal retroviruses in humans, namely Bovine (cow) Leukemia virus and Visna virus (Brain rot of sheep) were combined to create the deadly AIDS virus and so why the African Green Monkey Theory is totally dispelled. You will learn WHY condoms offer NO protection from AIDS and WHY the vaccine option will not work since recombinant retroviruses replicate at least 9000 to the 4th power which means every AIDS virus diagnosed to date is different with each individual! Other questions answered herein are WHY would anyone perpetrate such evil upon humanity? And who is responsible for this horrible disease? What OTHER viruses are THEY dumping on mankind?

This disturbing report may leave you in shock. Where is the HOPE? There IS hope with knowledge of TRUTH and UNITY, mankind can stop the spread of AIDS. AIDS will NOT die out naturally, so we are being given clues for cures of this disease and OTHER diseases as well. From the work of Dr. Royal R. Rife we learn about electromagnetics and SEM waves, since viruses are crystalline structures they are therefore affected by sound vibrations and light. Walter Russell speaks about the “secret” of light, about electricity, octaves and atomic structures. You will learn about the works of Bruce Cathie, John Crane and Nikola Tesla. Remember, there is assistance coming from God and our Heavenly Hosts. It is up to mankind to take the necessary steps with the tools and “clues” provided. Will YOU join us?

The following quote by Dr. Michael Urban, Ph. D.; “AIDS is the most electrifying, terrifying, exaggerated, hyped, misunderstood and misrepresented disease of modern time.”

Topics Include: Assessing the situation. The World Health Organization (WHO)'s involvement. Virus review. T-Cells and HTLV-1 through HTLV-5. The African Green Monkey. Animal retroviruses in humans/bovine leukemia cattle virus/visna virus (brain-rot) of sheep. Viruses jump through condoms. Asian Tiger Mosquito. Forget the vaccine option. Recombinant retroviruses replicated at 9,000 to the 4th power, minimum. It's all around you and spreading fast. Safe sex? And you thought the common cold was easy to get. Will AIDS naturally die out? Viruses are crystalline structures and are therefore affected by sound vibrations and light. Dr. Royal R. Rife. Electromagnetics. SEM waves. Antoine Priore's ma-chine. Sir Walter Russell speaks on the 'secret of light'. Electricity. Octaves. Atomic structures. John Crane. Mr. Cathie. Nikola Tesla speaks on 'light and applications'. There will be assistance from Divine Source to bring forth a cure, but man must do the work with the tools and "clues" provided. Start work now.