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40 Doors to End the War

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In the past, the most common way progressives have mobilized opposition to the Iraq War is with nationwide candlelight vigils or a one day march in Washington DC.

Now is the time for something different. Nothing beats the effect of face to face action -- neighbors talking to neighbors about what matters most.

Democracy for America is excited to join the Million Doors for Peace campaign and we need your help to make a difference. On September 20, Americans will go door to door in their community to reach out to voters to end the War in Iraq.

We need 25,000 people to knock on 40 doors each. Are you ready to join the team?


Sign up now and a few days before September 20 you'll get everything you need. The campaign will send you a list of 40 people in your neighborhood who are either newly registered or infrequent voters. We'll go to these targeted homes with a petition calling on the next President and Congress to bring our troops home from Iraq within a year. We'll identify supporters from every political party and, on Election Day, we'll turn out these voters for candidates that share our values.

This isn't preaching to the choir -- this is direct action to make change happen. Will you take action on September 20th?


Together, we will move a million voters and knock on a million doors to end the War in Iraq and bring our men and women in uniform home. Join me, your neighbors, and activists throughout the country on September 20.

Thank you for everything you do,


Charles Chamberlain, Political Director

Democracy for America