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Sign the petition to repeal ObamaCare

Congressman Steve Stockman

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Nov. 7, 2013

Dear Concerned American,

Hold on to your wallet!

As you know, in 2010 Barack Obama succeeded in shoving through Congress a government-imposed health care system which will require massive new taxes and further balloon the national debt.

That's why I hope you'll sign your emergency petition below to force a Senate vote to repeal ObamaCare right away.

It's vital that you do so at once.

You see, most of my Democrat counterparts in the Senate are running scared.

So just forcing a Senate vote on ObamaCare is a win/win situation.

Either my colleagues and I repeal ObamaCare, or . . .

. . . another group of big-government tax-and-spenders goes down to defeat in the next election.

That’s why President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are feverishly defending it.

But unless you and other opponents of ObamaCare join together, this bureaucratic monstrosity will irreparably damage our health care system and bankrupt America’s taxpayers and small businesses.

Of course, Obama and his ilk originally promised ObamaCare would cost $900 billion. Now the Congressional Budget Office projects it to be twice as expensive, to the tune of $1.8 trillion of your taxpayer dollars.

It takes a lot of government bureaucrats to spend $1.8 trillion.

So many, in fact, that the Congressional Research Service says it’s “impossible” to estimate “the exact number of new organizations and advisory bodies that will ultimately be created” by ObamaCare.

And considering it hasn’t even been fully implemented yet, I fully expect that number to increase, especially as Obama’s minions at the IRS continue to unroll new bureaucratic red tape and regulations.

Our country is already well over $16 trillion in debt.

Before long, the already burdened American taxpayer will be forced to dig even deeper to pay for President Obama's program.

But that’s just the beginning.

ObamaCare’s employer mandate will force hundreds of thousands of small businesses to provide their workers with health insurance.

If they refuse, they’ll be fined $2,000 per employee.

The costs to comply will be huge.

Many businesses are already being forced to postpone planned expansion, drop employee health coverage, cut other forms of compensation, or lay off workers.

Some might not survive at all.

And under ObamaCare’s so-called “individual mandate,” government bureaucrats will be able to force you and me to buy expensive health insurance plans we don’t want.

Plans that include coverage for things that, for many people, don’t even apply to them, such as maternity care (even if they don’t have children), and substance abuse treatment (even if they’ve never touched drugs and alcohol).

But worst of all, under the government exchanges being mandated under ObamaCare, not only will they say what will be covered, they’ll also say what won’t.

Under ObamaCare, bureaucrats will be making your medical decisions on what will be paid for instead of you and your doctor.

We already know how government-run medicine works. In other countries, we’ve seen it end with disaster again and again.

As American taxpayers, you and I must ask ourselves the following:

*** Do we want to follow the "lead" of our northern neighbor, Canada, where a human patient has to wait two years for hip replacement surgery, while his dog can have it in 3 days?

*** Do we want to become like Great Britain and have our wives and mothers wait for over two months before receiving a follow-up exam after testing positive on a pap smear?

*** Do we want the kind of health care they have in Sweden where the wait for an ordinary diagnostic heart x-ray can take up to eleven months?

*** Do we want to pull our own teeth, like Jeff Miners from Brega, Australia, who languished on government dental waiting lists while his teeth rotted away?

The fact is, there will be no fixing of ObamaCare. It’s too big and too complicated.

Which is why I’m hoping you’ll click here to sign your petition telling your U.S. Senators to do whatever is necessary to force a vote to repeal ObamaCare outright.

The House of Representatives, of course, has already voted to repeal ObamaCare.

Now, if enough Americans get behind repeal with their signed petitions, you can send a clear message to the Senate, that the American people will settle for nothing less than full repeal.

If enough Americans contact their Senators to let them know they want ObamaCare repealed, lawmakers on both sides of the issue will know exactly where the country stands.

Senators will be spurred to action, and ObamaCare’s backers will either think twice about risking their careers for a politically-toxic law, or be held accountable for their actions when they run for re-election.

That’s why it’s vital that you click here to sign your petition to your U.S. Senators at once.

And why, in addition to that, it’s vital that you help my friends at the National League of Taxpayers with a special contribution.

The fact is, even though many Americans who receive this email will sign the petition, many won't be able to contribute. That's why it's vital you give $10, $25, $50, $100, or even more if you can.

Your special gift of $35 or even $100 or $500 could ultimately save taxpayers millions of dollars in the years to come.

You should also know that a generous supporter has agreed to match your contribution, dollar-for-dollar, so there isn't a better time to give.

Your donations will help the National League of Taxpayers to organize:

••• An extensive internet, direct mail, and telephone campaign to generate at least one million petitions to Congress like the one accompanying this letter.

••• Extensive personal lobbying of key Members of Congress by rank and file National League of Taxpayers members and staff.

••• Hard-hitting TV, radio and newspaper ads to be run in targeted states and districts, detailing the disasters of ObamaCare and mobilizing the American people.

So after clicking here to sign your petition, please help with a contribution of at least $25 or $35.

Some people have already given as much as $500. Others have given $50 and $100.

But no matter how much you give, whether it's chipping in with $10 or a larger contribution of $150, I guarantee your contribution is urgently needed and will be deeply appreciated.

And don't forget that a generous supporter has agreed to match your contribution, dollar-for-dollar, no matter the amount.

ObamaCare is bad medicine Americans can't afford.

Bad for patients, doctors, small businesses and employees.

With your help, we can stem the tide of Big Government and stop Obama's government-run health care scheme from becoming a reality.


Steve Stockman

United States Congressman

P.S.  Medical and insurance costs continue to skyrocket while our national debt continues to hit the roof.

As you know, the Senate will be the key.

That’s why it’s so vital that you sign your petition right away.

And after doing that, please send your generous contribution of $100, $75, $50, or $35 to take advantage of a special matching grant and help force a final roll call vote in the Senate.

Remember, a generous supporter has agreed to match your contribution, dollar-for-dollar, so there isn't a better time to give.