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The World is Ruled by Serial Kilers and We The Sheeple Are Allowing Them To Do So!

A DesertPeace Editorial

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How is it that the people, the citizens of the world are allowing this to go on?

The wars spoken of have taken on a new face, at one time it was army Vs. army... today it is army vs civilians.... in some cases, army Vs. innocent children. Yet, despite protests and demonstrations... these crimes continue..

The Bushes, the Olmerts, the Blairs and others have one common goal; to rid the world of Islam. They have all cooperated in this agenda in a systematic style only used by serial killers. They have gone as far as to 'stage' crimes in their own countries to appear as if they were committed by Islamic terrorists. They point their fingers at Islam every chance they get... when in reality it is they that are the criminals.

Bush and company are involved in an ethnic cleansing programme in Iraq, with the hope of moving the operations to Iran. Olmert and company are involved in the same programme in Palestine. In both cases, the victims are Muslims for the most part. In both cases the victims are innocent of any crime other than being just that, Muslim.

The criminal is the one doing the killing... not the innocent victims. Why can't the world see that? Why won't the United Nations do something about it?

How long will we allow ourselves to be led by serial killers? Are we to be like those victims in the 'Silence of the Lambs'? We are, in effect, allowing the serial killers that are leading us get the assistance they require from other serial depicted in the above image by our brilliant Carlos Latuff. Have we all become 'sheeple' with no desire to end this madness?

What will it take for us all to realise that the 'enemy' is not 'Islamofascism' , a term created by the serial killers themselves, but rather the enemy is actually 'Islamophobia', a concept which tries to validate an atmosphere of fear throughout the world.

In the end, the fictitious killer in the movie wound up in a jail cell... how long must we wait for the real killers out there to join him?

Is this you??? Borrowed from The Peoples Voice