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Hong Kong Chaos: Undercover Cops Attacked Amid Backlash Over ‘Anti-Mask’ Law

Ben Warren

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Video shows plain clothed officer being petrol bombed, struggling for gun


Image Credits: iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty.

An undercover cop was attacked in Hong Kong amid backlash over a new law prohibiting the use of masks in public, according to a newly-surfaced video from the region.

The video shows a plain-cloths officer being petrol bombed and struggling to gain control of a firearm late Friday night.

The riots began Friday after Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, invoked a colonial-era emergency powers lawintended to stop the protests by banning the use of masks.

“As the current situation has clearly given rise to a state of serious public danger, the executive council decided this morning to invoke the power under the emergency regulations ordinance and make a new regulation in the prohibition of face-covering – which is essentially an anti-mask law,” said Lam. “It is essential for us to stop violence and restore calmness in society as soon as possible.”

“We hope that the new legislation can help us to achieve this objective.”

Now in effect, the ban makes it illegal for anyone to cover their face with a mask or paint while attending an unauthorized assembly or a public gathering of 50 or more people.

Backlash in the region has only intensified since the ban as more assaults on officers have been reported, a Hong Kong police statement condemning “rioters for attacking officers and risking the lives of others” explains.

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