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Trump Supporters Attacked During ‘Million MAGA March’

TTN Staff|

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November 16, 2020

Millions of Trump supporters flooded the streets of the nation’s capital on Saturday in a massive show of support for the President. The “Million MAGA March” drew supporters from across the country who donned in red, white, and blue- and of course their iconic MAGA hats. The massive event even drew a brief visit from President Trump himself. It was a beautiful display of patriotism until counter-protestors descended and harassed groups of Trump supporters. Some counter-protestor even became violent, leading to over 20 arrests.

As Trump supporters neared an area near Black Lives Matter Plaza, nearly a block from the White House, they were met by hundreds of anti-Trump counter-protesters. The angry counter-protestors cheered as they ripped off people’s MAGA hats and stole flags and burned them.

Angry groups of BLM and ANTIFA attacked Trump supporters going into the night as DC police officer lined the streets and attempted to keep the peace as well as help any hurt.

Fox News reports:

A variety of charges, including assault and weapons possession, were filed against those arrested, officials said. Two police officers were injured and several firearms were recovered by police.

President Trump lashed out against “ANTIFA SCUM” and the media on Twitter Saturday night, blasting counter-protesters as “Human Radical Left garbage.”

The president also slammed Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser, claiming the Democrat was not “doing her job,” and urged the city’s police force to “get going – do your job and don’t hold back!!”

Trump further accused the “Silent Media” of ignoring the Washington clashes, retweeting a message from Republican U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York, who alleged a “total media blackout” as leftists launched “abhorrent” assaults against Trump supporters.