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Just Announced Anti-Antifa Protest in Portland: Joe Biggs Has ‘Had Enough of These Masked Commie Bastards Attacking Civilians


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Just Announced Anti-Antifa Protest in Portland: Joe Biggs Has ‘Had Enough of These Masked Commie Bastards Attacking Civilians,’

Conservative Army veteran Joe Biggs says he has “had enough of these masked Commie bastards attacking civilians” and will be hosting an anti-Antifa protest in Portland, where a journalist was recently attacked by the far-left radicals.

Biggs will be hosting the event with the Proud Boys and says that Three Percenters, Oathkeepers, Patriot Prayer, American Guard and other veterans and current military members will also be present to help keep the peace.

The event is set to take place at 11 a.m. on August 17th at the Waterfront in Portland.

“We the people have had enough of these masked commie bastards running around attacking civilians unchecked.

We have mayors sitting back and police allowing antifa to bring weapons to rallies while the rest of us are searched and any form of defense removed. We have elected officials tweeting support for this domestic terrorist organization. It’s sickening and it needs to stop,” Biggs told the Gateway Pundit. “We are a nation of laws. We are also America and America will never be a communist country. Antifa has member’s in big tech, including social media. They use that to deplatform us and for many of us it’s a way of life. It’s time we take a stand and look this filth in the eyes and let them know this is America and we won’t back down to them ever.”

The goal of the event, dubbed the “End Domestic Terrorism Rally,” is to demand that Antifa and the John Brown Gun Club, an armed militant far-left group, be declared domestic terrorist organizations.


In a press release for the rally, the organizers pointed our that Trump supporters are continuously demonized by the mainstream media, which is leading to violent attacks by far-leftists becoming more rampant.

They stated that Antifa has become a “growing menace” since the day President Donald Trump was inaugurated. The riots in DC that day, known as the “J20 Riot” saw windows smashed in local businesses, cars set on fire and multiple people assaulted for their political views.

“As terroristic as that might sound…these groups have gotten worse…way worse,” the press release said.

‘In the past year, we have seen these groups throw Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Molotov cocktails, chemical agents, urine and feces in glass containers, fireworks, and many other things, with the intent to maim and kill. They chant Allahu Akbar and call for the end of America openly in the streets. This month this situation has escalated to a level that we have never seen before in American history. Openly threatening to blind Americans with muriatic acid, hospitalizing journalist Andy Ngo for doing his job, attacking two men with crowbars on the streets and fracturing their skulls. One of these terrorists just last week attempted to firebomb an ICE facility because people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have demonized ICE agents for simply doing their jobs.”

Ngo, a 33-year-old editor for Quilette, was viciously assaulted by a mob of black masked protesters while attempting to livestream a protest in Portland in June. He was hospitalized with a cerebral hemorrhage.

The group also took aim directly at Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, as his failed leadership has repeatedly seen bloodshed in the streets as police are ordered to stand down and let Antifa run amok.

“Most local state and federal law enforcement agencies keep the peace while allowing all parties to demonstrate their first amendment rights without violence.

Ted Wheeler has failed miserably. He has allowed these domestic terrorists to commit acts of violence against the people of the United States,” the statement continued. “On August 17th we want to peacefully unite under one message. We want to put an end to domestic terrorism. Antifa and The John Brown Gun Club must be designated as a terrorist organization. We have had enough. It’s time to just say, no. Ted Wheeler and PPB put out a statement saying they will START doing their jobs(when did they stop?). Well then we are going to put that statement to the test.”

Though the aim is to take a strong stand against Antifa, the organizers are urging people to leave weapons, shields and any other gear that will make them seem like they are looking for a fight at home. They are urging people to bring as many American flags as they can round up, however.