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Trump summons GOP Senators to White House


Tuesday afternoon:


This is URGENT BREAKING NEWS on the ObamaCare repeal effort...


About an hour ago, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced that he was delaying a vote on his non-repeal ObamaCare bill until AFTER the upcoming July 4th recess.


Shortly after that, President Trump called ALL Republican Senators to the White House for a meeting this afternoon. More than 40 GOP lawmakers can expect some deal-making by the Commander-in-Chief this afternoon. This is huuuuge!


McConnell needs 50 votes to pass the Senate version of ObamaCare Lite through a process called reconciliation. But right now, he simply doesn't have the support -- we believe because his version is NOT A REPEAL! Now, the President and GOP senators are convening to salvage this effort!



With intense deal-making going on right now at the highest levels of power, it is absolutely critical that Grassroots Americans get their message through that we will settle or nothing less that a REAL REPEAL of ObamaCare!



+ + ACTION ITEM: Fax Senators Now To Demand A #FullRepeal!



With GOP senators and President Trump in intense negotiations, Grassfire has made it possible for you to urge them to stand strong for a bill that actually repeals ObamaCare, while also letting McConnell and other Senate "leaders" know where you stand.



Through Grassfire's unique FaxFire system, you can help flood Capitol Hill offices with personalized "Full Repeal" faxes, urging Senators to vote "NO!" on McConnell's ObamaCare Lite bill. Declare your "Independence From ObamaCare" now!




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The timing of this grassroots effort is so critical that Grassfire has discounted the price of our expanded-impact FaxFires by up to 45 percent! Our goal is to empower as many team members as possible to take immediate action while the President and GOP leaders are trying to hammer out a new bill. Click here now to schedule your "Full Repeal" faxes for immediate delivery to Senate offices on Capitol Hill.


Thanks, in advance, for taking action.


The Grassfire Team


P.S. For years now, ObamaCare has hurt families and businesses across the country through mandated coverage, high insurance premiums, rising co-pays and totally unrealistic deductibles. It's time for all that to end — and for grassroots patriots to declare "Independence From ObamaCare!" Go here to schedule your faxes demanding a #FullRepeal of ObamaCare:


Send your Full Repeal Faxes Here


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