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Phoenix First Responders Fight Back Against Biden Vaccine Mandate

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Phoenix city employees have a few weeks left until the federal vaccine mandate goes into effect and public safety unions are joining a lawsuit to fight it. 

City officials sent workers a letter on November 18 saying that any contracting company with over 100 employees will be forced to require vaccinations, per Biden’s mandate. 

“Due to the number of federal contracts held by the city of Phoenix, we are considered a federal contractor,” the letter read. “As such, all city employees are subject to the provisions outlined in the Executive Order, which requires all employees, regardless of telework status or if you previously tested positive for COVID-19, to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by January 18, 2022, except in limited circumstances were an employee is legally entitled to an accommodation.” 

As reported by Just the News, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association and the United Phoenix Firefighters Association Local 493 joined a federal employee in Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s lawsuit against the vaccine mandate. 

In doing so, Brnovich expanded the lawsuit to include federal contract workers. 

“I have been saying that this unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccine mandate will cost honest and hardworking people their livelihoods, and that’s unacceptable,” Brnovich said Monday. “It would also be a terrible injustice to our first responders who have always been there for us. If allowed to stand, this mandate will ultimately jeopardize all Arizonans who depend on these brave men and women to keep our communities safe.”