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Alex Jones-led protesters STORM Georgia statehouse, shout that election was ‘stolen’ from Trump (VIDEOS)


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Supporters of President Donald Trump, led by media personality Alex Jones, stormed the Georgia state capitol alleging that Democrats “stole” the US presidential election after three counties in the state “found” uncounted votes.

Jones, activist Ali Alexander, and another media personality Nick Fuentes were among the leaders of the group that temporarily occupied the rotunda of the state capitol in Atlanta on Wednesday, freelance reporters on the ground said.

Trump was ahead of his Democrat challenger Joe Biden in Georgia on election day, but several majority-Democrat counties delayed or stopped counting the votes for reasons unknown. After the count resumed, Biden surged ahead and supposedly won the state by some 13,000 votes – mainly due to mail-in ballots.

Similar scenarios played out in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Nevada, where the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits to audit the votes.

Georgia, whose governor and secretary of state are Republicans, agreed to a recount – but cited a settlement with Democrats from earlier this year as preventing them from scrutinizing signatures on the mail-in ballots, prompting Trump to denounce the process as a sham.

So far, three Georgia counties have discovered votes that weren't accounted for on election day, with most of them going to Trump, though not enough to flip the race.

While many states have yet to certify the election results, both the mainstream media and social media platforms have declared Biden the winner and are describing all claims by Trump and his supporters as “disputed” or “debunked.”