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Armed protesters gather in Michigan to denounce stay-at-home orders

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Again, it needs to be said, that most so called patriot groups in this country, are headed by and largely composed of government agents, who either work for the government directly, or have been contracted by some government agency to foment discord, and foster confusion, not only within the groups themselves, but to set up as many people as possible as patsies so they can later be arrested and used as justification for the passage of evermore government draconian, freedom stripping laws, under the guise of hate crimes. I have seen this first hand myself, and know that this is standard operating procedure for  all government enforcement agencies in this country, on down to city levels. The public, generally speaking, have no concept of how the government dirty-birds play, thus are lambs to the slaughter for the most part. What starts out as a noble, righteous cause, always gets poisoned in the end by government infiltrators, who by the way, are trained by the various government agencies, and military to run domestic ops on unsuspecting Americans who are too gullible and naive to even sense that They're being steered into the wood chippers for further processing.

"My advice to anyone considering joining any patriot group is don't, EVER, unless of course you know ALL the people in the group personally, and have a long history of familiarity with them."  ---RR