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Nationalists Are Burning Federal Buildings and Degenerate Art Museums in France

A Patriot

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The rank and file police and military sympathize with the conservative nationalist demonstrators, and are standing down, and even supporting them in some cases.

So, predictably, Macron gave an order to post all the major amounts of the forces and material to Paris in response to the yellow vests continuing to hold the Champs-Elysées.

France Bleu:

For the moment, 57 mobile forces are planned in Paris, more than 4,000 men, says Grégory Joron, national delegate of the unit SGP Police Unit CRS. This is as much as for the big demonstration after the Charlie Hebdo attacks .

According to Grégory Joron, intelligence and surveillance cameras in the transport sector would make it possible to control those suspected of being thugs. Those who carry weapons, chisels, machetes, and who are often already known to the police, could be stopped before they arrive on the scene of the demonstrations, explains Grégory Joron. This prevention could “avoid confrontations that last seven hours like last Saturday,” he adds.

Gregory Joron recalls that last weekend was very trying. The CRS are tired, he says, it’s been months since they got a break.

The yellow vests did not decide to directly confront this massive force. They responded by first doing provocative measures in the provinces, not in Paris.