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"DISGRACE"! FBI raids Trump lawyer's office


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The FBI raided the law office of President Trump's personal attorney on Monday, reportedly seizing documents that included information about an alleged $130,000 "hush money" payment to a porn star. According to the Associated Press, the President called the raid a "disgrace" and labeled "Mueller's investigation 'an attack on our country,' prompting new speculation that he might seek the removal of the Justice Department's special counsel."

Early this morning, Mr. Trump tweeted "A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!!" and "Attorney-client privilege is dead!" in response to yesterday's raid.

Image 1: Trump tweet Image 2: Trump tweet

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz told FOX News' Sean Hannity last night: "This may be an attempt to squeeze (the President's attorney). He's the lawyer; he's the guy who knows all the facts about Donald Trump and to get him to turn against his client. This is a very dangerous day today for lawyer-client relations."


He added, "If this were Hillary Clinton being investigated and they went into her lawyer's office, the ACLU would be on every television station in America jumping up and down. The deafening silence of the ACLU and civil libertarians about the intrusion into the lawyer-client confidentiality is really appalling."

Last week, we told you how Dershowitz recently told a Dallas TV station that he thinks Robert Mueller's investigation should end:


"I don't think special counsel are the right way to approach criminal justice. Because when you appoint a special counsel, you give them targets. And you say, 'You'd better get that guy or the people around him. ... And they're going to find crimes, or they're going to manufacture crimes, or they're going to stretch criminal law to fit the crimes."

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Grassfire wholeheartedly agrees with the President's and the professor's calls to STOP THE WITCH HUNT. After more than a year, what and why is Mueller STILL investigating? His ongoing efforts — bankrolled by millions of taxpayer dollars — have resulted in a handful of guilty pleas for offenses that have NOTHING to do with President Trump "colluding" with the Russians to win the 2016 election!


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The Grassfire Team

P.S. Patrick, unless citizens across the country stand up and demand an end to the witch hunt against the President, the radical Left, the D.C. Establishment and the Deep State will win! These anti-Trump forces will NOT end their witch hunt until impeachment charges are filed and the President is pushed out of office. And if they succeed, they will have destroyed our last, best hope to DRAIN THE SWAMP, secure our borders, and make America great again. If you care about our country, then grassroots patriots like you must fight back! Go here now:

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