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Pro-Trump Candidates Rising Against The EU

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In the wake of President Trump's election in the United States, and the British leaving the European Union, Europeans are rising against the globalist status quo. France and Austria didn't jump on the Trump Train, but Finland might.
Finland, the only nation to successfully ever beat back a Soviet invasion, is running Laura Huhtasaari for President. Huhtasaari is a 38-year-old former teacher, is in a similar manner trying to beat back unlimited immigration and other European Union policies in the first round of voting on Sunday.
Finland’s presidential elections are set for January 28th, with the second round on February 11th if necessary. The incumbent President, Sauli Niinistö, is expected to win. The rise of the Finns Party marks a shift in their politics, which have been a one-way ratchet toward pro-EU globalist policies.
Finland may not be ready to break ties with the EU and take control of its own destiny, but it's part of the recent trend in Europe toward more Trump-style nationalism, and toward rejection of the globalist agenda in Brussels. Given the monolithic voting patterns of Europeans for decades, the pressure is building for Europe to change from within or be changed from without, through endless immigration from the third world.