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BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Investigator George Webb On The Run From John Podesta And Hillary Goon Squad! Life And Family Been Threatened Due To Work On Seth Rich Murder Investigation.

IWB / Pamela Williams

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First of all, I pray you spread and make this post viral for George Webb and his family.  George has investigated the disappearance of Eric Braverman, Ex-CEO of the Clinton Foundation, and he now believes that Braverman has been taken to Israel for his safety.  George has also gotten involved in the murder investigation of Seth Rich.  He now believe Seth was assassinated by Hillary Clinton’s goon squad.

George found that there are connections to Hillary’s goon squad and the gang who came across the border during the Obama reign called the MS-13.  They have terrorized our Country for some time now, especially in Long Island, NY, having recently murdered a group of school students.  It is difficult to believe that the DNC would make such a connection, but they did so due to the dirty jobs they would do for them.

George has just revealed he is connected to the Old Mossad, but he and his connections are battling the Deep State as time, and now he and his family are in danger.  He feels that John Podesta, Tony Podesta, and Heather Podesta are just a few of the players in this game of life and death. George has also revealed he is a part of the Wikileaks network.  In the below video, it is explained to some degree.


The below is the last video George has made: