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Stuart Wilde

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Feb. 13, 2013

Pulsing Smart Meter (Image

Utility companies in the US are installing Smart Meters that send a pulse back to the utility with information about your consumption. People object to them, because of the electromagnetic field the meters give off which they have to constanty suffer in their homes. People rejecting the meters have been arrested. The answer according to the writer below is to put a tin foil hat on the glass bulb of the meter and that stops the waves coming out and it stops it signalling to the utility. They’ll send a bloke to fix it: TAKE HAT OFF, when he leaves, PUT HAT ON…they will quit in the end. Stuart Wilde


Smart meters, you and GUS….


with respect….it is about picking your battles…

Is GUS (government US) about to install a ‘smart meter’ on your electrical system? Feeling anxious about the high energy microwaves beaming out constantly from these deadly devices? Having nightmares about DNA damage, and fascistic intrusion from ‘your’ power company?

Well, you are certainly NOT alone. In fact i was just reading about a poor woman who refused the smart meter and had her power disconnected in these frigid temperatures. What kind of a human would/could do that? These power company employees must have balls the size of nano-particles to participate in such abuse of the elderly.

But what is to be done? In many states, the power companies send the police along with the installers to force you to submit to the will of GUS. In many reports, the home owners are intimidated, roughed up, threatened, abused, and arrested for standing up for their rights against the minions of GUS and ‘big power’.

So, is there a ‘safe and effective’ strategy for dealing with this new intrusion from GUS?

Well, having had a look at these smart meters (one installed at a friend’s house in the next county over), it is my opinion that it is UNWISE to resist the installation of these devices…..and also TOTALLY unnecessary.

Yes, totally unnecessary. In my opinion, i would allow them to install such a smart meter at my house. Why? Well, it has to do with me being a pissy bastard.

I noticed that the smart meters are using a glass bulb housing to protect their microwave broadcasting unit on the top of the unit.(i used to be an appliance repairman in my wasted youth and worked on the original Amana ‘radar ranges’ so know a bit about microwave technologies.) This bulb is quite prominent and is very easily located. Further, in the three designs that i have seen, all have the same bulb housing for their broadcast mechanism.

So, as a pissy bastard who does not want a smart meter, but also who does not want to fight it out with GUS over this issue, what i would do is to be all smiles as they install the device. Of course i would do my best to politely educate the installer and any GUS minions as to the harm their participation causes, and i would formally, in a written fashion object to the installation, but i would take no physical action to stop them. This is due to the old saying that ‘a blaster can point both ways’…..from Issac Asimov’s Foundation series.

The point is this…the smart meters are announced as providing remote reading of your electrical usage which is promoted as saving money for the power companies and then ultimately, you. They are to do this by beaming out vast quantities of microwaves, in dangerous frequencies, more or less indiscriminately 24 hours a day.

So what i will do is to put a little ‘cap’ of folded aluminium foil over the broadcast bulb of the smart meter. This accomplishes three things instantly: first, it shuts off the microwaves as a source of health degrading energies in my local environment. Second, it deprives the power company of their stated benefit. They will discover the meter is not reporting and have to send someone out to remove the foil hat. Which, of course, i will instantly replace as soon as i have noticed it removed. Month after month (up to the global coastal event by June 2013) we could play this interesting game. Then, third, the foil will redirect the microwaves into the device, providing an interesting working environment for all the chippy bits inside.

A fourth benefit is that there would be a much reduced level of tension in my world. You see, it is a matter of perspective. If i had the view that THEY were putting a poisoning, evil device on my electrical service, and i was powerless to affect them in this process, i would go batshit….and likely would be arrested. However, if i change my view to the idea that i am allowing them to install their evil as part of my plan to twist the system til it hurts, well, then i can be quite content as i am really the one in control of the situation.

If you consider this aluminium foil strategy at the energy level, look at how quickly the asymmetry works to collapse their whole system. The power companies no longer have the personnel to perform manual reads of your meter. Nor to come and remove the foil off of even a small fraction of the smart meters that they intend to install. So the very small amount of energy that is required for me to make a new foil hat for the bulb each month is vastly magnified in what is required for the power companies and GUS to respond. They will be spending hundreds of $ to remove each foil hat….and that is some expensive metal.

It is my contention that there are likely already enough installed smart meters to totally rubbish this idea of these devices if even a quarter of those in place now were fitted with little bulb hats.

Just say’n…Content herein copyhold claim for effort in 2013 by clif high. Distribution with attribution encouraged.