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Alexander Higgins

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Oct. 5, 2012

Overcoming the elite’s power of mass media manipulation is the only way to end the mass murder of  millions upon millions of Americans.

It’s not conspiracy, it is reality and our founding fathers and countless world leaders before them long worried of the power the “mob” and the dangers of popular rule.

One danger always present is a democracy can only exist until the masses realize they have the power to vote the funds in a nation’s treasury into their own purse.

For this and countless other reasons the mob needs to be manipulated to keep them “inline”.

Otherwise the bullying minority who knows what is the best interest of the mob would soon be targeted for termination.

In modern society, the media is no longer being used to manipulate the masses into accepting unpopular positions that are in the best interests of the masses.

Instead, we are manipulated into accepting unpopular positions that are in the best interests of the bullying minority no matter how detrimental or grave the consequences are for us.

The evidence of this is all around us and we need look no further than our own local and county government’s for evidence of this.

The framework of our entire government evolved into a system is based entirely on bribery.

Our politicians and government regulators are owned by corporations, special interest groups and lobbyists who can obtain anything they want for the right price.

Their exists no liberty or freedom that does not have a price.

Propaganda - Media Manipulation Of Masses Key To Democratic Society

Propaganda - Media Manipulation Of Masses Key To Democratic Society

The prison industrial complex has imprisoned a record number of Americans who are not performing slave labor in place of the American worker.

The remaining jobs that have not been replaced by the prison slave laborer are being vacuumed out of America in a mass exodus funded by mega corporations who are off shoring the American republic to slave laborers overseas in countries like China and India among other places.

The military industrial complex continues to manipulate the masses into believing spending trillions of dollars on illegal overseas wars is in our best interests while Americans at home starve and live on the streets.

To further perpetuate those endless wars with no borders and no clear enemies mass murder and the most atrocious of war crimes are being committed.

Meanwhile at home millions continue to be murdered by corporations as government officials are paid to look the other way and the scientific community is bribed to lie about the murders.

This is not hyperbole. Just look at how corporations lied to the public for decades about the safety of cigarettes while millions were murdered.

This was not their own doing and was not accomplished without the complicity of the government and the scientific community.

Scientists were paid off to put forth fake research attesting to the “safety” of cigarettes and corrupt government officials turned a blind eye while mass murder ensued on the public.

Cigarettes are but one example. Take for example DDT, Dioxins, and Agent Orange. PCBs and Asbestos are even more fine examples of how we are being murdered by the millions.

Even today people will argue about the safety of a wide range or products some of which undoubtedly will join the previous examples as provable mass murder of the American people.

The FDA admits that hundreds of thousands of people die every year due to medications they approve.

The list goes on and on and it takes a propagandized public not to see these things and a mass media to cover them up.

But there is hope

Today we live in a wonderful age of the Internet and for the first time in history the power of the individual can counter power of the mass media.

Do not be discouraged by being deceived into believing that others aren’t aware and they don’t care because they do.

The media has massive powers to manipulate and one of the biggest scams they perpetuate is making dissenters believe they are social outcasts by manufacturing the appearance the disdain against government corruption is a radical, extremist or minority opinion.

Don’t question your beliefs no matter how the media tries to manipulate them.

On a grand scale most of humanity is not evil and do stand for what is morally right no matter have deceptive these snakes in the grass are.

The military says I am radical extremists but the right to a trial a very basic constitutional right and the majority of the people agree with that no matter what lies the media tells you.

The majority of the public believes that torture is wrong no matter what the media tells you.

The majority of the public believes that the mass murder of innocent civilians is wrong no matter what the media tells.

The majority of the public believes that the use of automated to kill thousands of innocent men,woman and children is wrong no matter what the media tells you.

The majority of the public believes that bribery of our politicians is wrong no matter what the media tells your.

While our government ruling that money is free speech we now live in a society where those who have the most money have the loudest voice and those who have no money have no voice.

These things are all wrong and there are numerous problems threatening the very existence of our nation and the principles generation after generation have long fought to protect.

No matter what your political persuasion – be it left, right or centrist – the fact is the two parties are just different sides of the same coin and they are working together against us.

The solution is to put aside the differences that divided us because as long as we are divided we shall remain conquered.

Instead we need to focus on the issues that everyone, except those who benefit from the evil, agrees on and stand up on a voice of solidarity and demand change.

Those on the left, the right and everyone in between must stand up in one single voice screaming so loud that our voice can not be ignored.

This is the way.

It can be done.

Throughout history it has been done.

Now is the time.