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Occupy Wall Street Movement

Graeme Whitmeyer

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March 7, 2012

    Hi All!  Blessings and greetings... it is I, Graeme D. Whitmeyer, come in service to the Radiant One All That IS, Creator God/Aton of Light and to The Creation, and hence to ALL of my brothers/sisters, and to YOU.  Here is an e-mail I received, concerning the Occupy Movement, which I think many may be able to relate to, at this time, so I thought I would share it, and my response, here, for you to see, so that you, too, may be motivated, if you share the same feelings, or if you just like "a good read"!!!  Enjoy!  And may you always find the truth you seek.


EZ wrote to me:


"When you're all ready to really do something let me know, besides carrying signs, when you're ready to fight back blood for blood let me know."


And I wrote back to him:


Dear EZ,


     I am concerned that you do not share the same goal as the Occupy Wall Street Movement, but I am sure that it is just a PASSIONATE misunderstanding on your part.

I thank you for your support of the movement, and it sounds to me like you REALLY want to make the change that we need so badly in the world today.  You have courage.  To fight the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel and THE ABOMINATIONS with ALL THEIR FORCES with a fist fight, or a gun battle, or ANY type of physical sabotage, is VERY brave, for it would surely cost us our physical lives... but, alas, please understand, WE NEED NO MARTYRS!!   We need LIVING and DEDICATED workers to SPREAD THE WORD of the TRUTH of THEIR TYRANNY, to GATHER OUR NUMBERS (hence the RALLIES AND SIGNS), and to show THEM that THEY ARE DONE by sheer will of the NUMBERS of PEOPLE and the TRUTH that our grievances WILL BE ADDRESSED and JUSTICE WILL BE HAD!!!!


    Allow us to share in this understanding a bit further, since it sounds like you are quite ready to do ALL THAT YOU CAN to help the movement GO FORWARD in progress, SO MUCH SO that you feel like we are not making enough progress to be worthy of your time and work RALLYING the people to our cause~!   Do you see?  It is said "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth", but I say execute justice according to the natural laws of the Creation that our actions be balanced in Wisdom and Logic to achieve optimal results.  It may not LOOK or SEEM like what we are doing is accomplishing much, but then, the only things visible to us in physical would be effects of causes that have already been in play for so long... whereas the REAL EFFECTS of our actions and our CAUSE, NOW, might not "show up" in our physically dense surroundings for a while, BUT I ASSURE YOU THEY ARE THERE, by the LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT THEY ARE THERE.  You may also ask yourself, "what difference does it make if I choose to change and the rest of humanity refuses to do so?" -- WELL IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!  --- IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE BY YOUR WILLINGNESS AND YOUR EFFORT AND YOUR CAUSE, NOW, not some nebulous time in the future when you perceive the change could "work"... IT IS WORKING, it is changing NOW, and I humbly ask, and honor your choice, whatever it is, that YOU CONTINUE to JOIN US in the Peaceful Assembly Rallies, for the purpose is to WAKE OTHERS UP to THEIR POWER INSIDE, and to GATHER MORE NUMBERS into "the streets".


    And so, I will attempt to inspire you into action, and I hope and wish that you will see the truth in my words, meant in SERVICE to goodness, and to the only light at the end of the tunnel, and TO YOU my brother! 


             Objective: TOTAL FREEDOM FROM TYRANNY, and global and individual peace, balance, and harmony.

                             1.  Locate the tools and talents we already posses.  (Constitution and Bill of Rights)  (Desire UNITY between ALL peoples, not republican vs democrat, black vs white, male vs female, religion vs religion, etc., but that WE ARE ALL RELATED, hence a Nation Created Under God.)

                             2.  Become Knowledgeable about our freedoms granted from those things.  (To achieve Unity of Mind-understanding about what we must work to reclaim exactly.)

                             3.  Plan and agree upon a course of action, with each sharing responsibility for actions which work to achieve our shared objective of reclaiming and preserving our Constitution of the U.S.)

                             4.  To be truly successful, outline for understanding how to ALL operate under HIGH MORAL INTEGRITY, which involves basic inner understanding of the Laws of Balance.  (We the People... We were given responsibility for maintaining the checks and balances of our sovereignty.  It is apparent that most of us have not even had an INKLING of the evil tyranny perpetrated against us by our would-be enslavers.)

                             5.  LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT, TOLERANCE, and CHARITY.


LOVE:  We must love each other as God loves us all.

KNOWLEDGE:  Success is measured according to the level and intensity of our desire.  Know our desires.  Seek to know the Why Cause.  Know that the answers will come and be ready to receive them.

                      Human Circumstance Knowledge:  To plan service to God and Country, know who your adversaries are and what they plan and plot to control, enslave, and destroy us.

RESPECT:  To Create unity, we must each respect and honor our differences, as long as they don't defy the Laws of God and The CREATION.  NEVER sanction behavior which we know is Evil.

TOLERANCE:  Exercise tolerance when we encounter differences in regard to how another thinks, perceives, looks, responds, and behaves, as long as his/her actions DO NOT DEFY THE LAWS OF BALANCE.

CHARITY:  Sharing Brotherly LOVE.  Not just material "things", although "things" given in need and out of love is okay, I speak of the Giving and Sharing of GOOD WILL with our brethren.  Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  Treat the sick and poor and spiritually ignorant people with dignity, generosity, patience, and compassion that they may feel worthy and are given a GOOD EXAMPLE.


       So, in number three, you see, we must plan and agree upon a course of action, and you think our plans and actions are not enough, right now, but I say, WE ARE GETTING THERE!!!  THIS IS OUR PLAN RIGHT NOW, TO TAKE TO THE STREETS, and we will have a 99% Training the week of April 9-15, which shall discuss, in detail, further actions, which we may take, to achieve results, in an efficient AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, PEACEFUL manner.  We are doing all we can with this. Please, continue to support us.


     I come in service to you and my brothers/sisters that we may again be ONE in UNITY and purpose to bring our most beloved Nation to Harmony and RESTORED BALANCE according to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.


In Love and Light,

     Graeme Daryl Whitmeyer


Adonai and SALU!!!  Fellow Lightworkers!!!  Peace be upon thee.