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Demonstrations in New Zealand Against Vaccine

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 Dear Patrick  Re: Demonstrations in NEw Zealand against Vaccine


 I wondered if it were posible to organize Mass demonstrations world wide to coincide with the New Zealand demonstration???? Is it possible? ??


 New Zealand prepares demonstration against Baxter vaccinations around time when children go back to school By birdflu666


 The New Zealand team is preparing a demonstration against government plans to mass vaccinate people with Baxter "swine flu" vaccines and has set a tentative date set for September 5th, around the time children will be set to go back to school, a location that could be used to force children to take the "swine flu" vaccine.


 If you have children in the USA, consider taking them out of school and applying for Home Schooling today. Also contact your school director.


 Please consider organising demonstrations in your country. Beware, though, of "agent provocateurs", people who put forward suggested extreme actions that can be used to clamp down on the protest movement or who disrupt organisation efforts, advises Penny Bright, who has experience of this kind of activity, in New Zealand.

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