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Jim Kirwan

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This well-thought out attempt to get at the truth behind the insanity and the imposed chaos of what passes for the government of this Empire makes the same error that the Outlaws continue to make.

Humans can make all the "plans" they like, but what happens in the world is not something that can be planned to this degree of power: no matter how deeply ingrained the concepts might be - no matter how militarily conditioned or mentally bankrupt the perpetrators might be. Because when it comes to the world stage, especially with this bid for global Empire ~ things not only can but usually do ~ Go Wrong!

Despite the planning, the plotting the payoffs and the bribes, the scale of this insanity is just too large for this particular bunch of would-be dictators to even remotely 'pull-it-off.'

The two articles both assume time-honored ideas that have been severely eroded. First the might and dominance of the US military. If these were conventional wars then we would indeed have a real edge, but the kinds and numbers of these ever-increasing-wars (Seven Countries in 5 years) puts the US (now virtually without allies) at an extreme disadvantage. We also have a serious morale problem within the burned-out troops and the deteriorating equipment ~ this can be masked if we were to simply maintain what the puppets got us into: but any expansion will expose raw bones and broken connections throughout the entire military and their various spy machines.

Also the utter fear and hatred that the creation of the newly sanctioned torture of our 'enemies' has engendered an entirely new opinion about dealing with American military force, and not just in Iraq, because the knowledge of our barbaric actions in this area has now spread throughout the world.

This is also compounded by the psychology behind the ever-diminishing US propaganda that is definitely running out of spin control. The world has been lied to far too often to simply continue to swallow whatever the hijackers swear to. Yes the planet has been dumbed down ~ yes this government has already written into law all that is needed to do what is suggested by the second article: but passing laws and enforcing those dictates are two very different things.

What has been done so far has largely taken place on paper in a world where papers rule. The coming phase (disarming the American public) will involve a whole lot of people with some experience of both real violence, and freedom's that are more than just constructs on paper. There are millions of ex-service people, and millions upon millions of weapons - many of which are in the hands of people without illusions when it comes to the intentions and or the actions of this Cabal. None of this was even considered in the two articles, and this is where the reality differs from carefully investigated facts.

Facts can be true and at the same time be wrong - if they are assembled without considering the other realities that are a major part of any real time change in the world-at-large. In Central & South America it may appear that Venezuela is doomed, but that continent has had over a hundred years of our invasions and the slaughter of their people for the same kinds of reasons now being cited yet again. This time, despite our conniving and our weapons there may well be some new surprises in store for the new-old invading armies from the north. Supply lines and cooperation have always been part of every lightening strike of ours: this time, if this goes forward, we might find that life will suddenly become far more complicated than the Puppets planned for. Revisit the "plans" of Rummy and his band of bloody fools - when it came to how they planned the invasion of Iraq, as just one example of the degree of the folly they are capable of.

Add in Russia and China, neither of which will be sitting this one out - and the equation will quite literally come unspun. All parties involved in this are criminally inclined, and none of them are immune from colossal screw-ups, both militarily and philosophically: but when thrown together there are enough weapons and sabotage to destabilize anything that the Empire (of one) can now field.

There is also the fact that this has been going on for far too long to succeed this time, without major glitches throughout this privatized system of criminal enterprises. Yes we have mercenary armies that could be brought in to bolster the age-old marines and the "air power" that is always overrated: remember Lebanon? Think about the parable of the school yard bully - that like Gulliver can eventually be brought down by the numbers of those they have tormented over the years - this is no different!

Individually we may not be super men and women, but once the totality of this "plan" is clear then a lot more people will chose to fight than anyone today (among the brain-dead plotters) seems capable of understanding. Also while the dumbing-down has produced idiots for their war-machines, it has also produced a new element that is more akin to The Lord of the Flies than to anything rational - and these New Barbarians will have a whole other level of rebellion, especially within the cities to deal with than even they could have ever imagined. Then there are also the natural enemies of this approach such as fires that cannot be stopped, along with food and water supplies that will simply not arrive. NO - the Invasion of American cities to "capture" American dissent will not go smoothly.

Inside Iraq we created chaos and let it run rampant within Baghdad, believing that was the way to own the situation. A huge mistake - because it unleashed exactly the same kinds of hatreds and violence that this potential 'new venture' will create, except that this time the world will know that there might not be any particular savior to which to appeal - so even small things might well become a fight to the death - against troops and or mercenaries that are really fighting only for money, while the resistance will be fighting for everything they hold dear. That happened in Vietnam, and the Outlaws learned absolutely nothing.(1)

Now we're several generations further on in time, but the controllers have been going steadily backward since the Vietnam War ended. If these two articles accurately depict what is being planned for - then we could also see the end of this Empire's plans for global-domination as well. . . because the depth of dissent by the people of the world has once again been overlooked! (2)

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2) Loose Change – the Final Cut