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Peace Freedom Patriots And Protesters

Truckers shut down Port of Oakland in protest of Gavin Newsom's labor law as California's supply chain goes from bad to worse

Thousands of Vehicles in Truck-Led Convoy Gather in Maryland, Last Stop Before DC Region

Truckers aiming to arrive in Washington D.C. on Saturday

US Trucker Convoy Swells as It Moves Across Country to DC

People's Convoy hits 8 miles long as vehicles join up

Major US Truck Convoy Gets Free Food, Loads of Donations After Starting Cross-Country Trek

U.S. truckers hit road in opposition to COVID mandates

Explosive Impact of Canadian Truckers Protest

Defense Department considers request for National Guard as law enforcement prepares for possible trucker convoys in DC

Ottawa police clearly relished forcing the truckers out of the city

SOTN This CSIS black operation to criminalize the Freedom Convoy protesters was predicted. But what took the Canadian Government so long?

BREAKING: US Truckers Make HUGE Announcement In Solidarity With Freedom Convoy

Coming to America: Truckers protesting COVID mandates set to hit U.S. roads

Protesters in Alberta say they won’t end their demonstration until all COVID restrictions are rescinded

Truckers stage massive convoy to protest Canadian vaccination mandates

Biden's personal home gets 'occupied' ... by angry leftists!

Anti-vax protests erupt worldwide amid plan for major D.C. event

"We'll Never Give Up" - Protests Erupt Across World Over Gov't COVID Tyranny

Phoenix First Responders Fight Back Against Biden Vaccine Mandate

SORCHA FAAL Protest Rocked West Nears War Against “Leader Of Free World” To Hide “Mysterious Covid Truth”